Saturday, October 27, 2007

Morianz' Party

27 Oct '07, a day to remember for all of us Morianz'. It was our class party. Read on if you feel so =]

Reach mamak to met up with Johnny and Shim. Our intention: Skip assembly. About 7.45, Kelvin and Jonathan reach along the catering food. Reach the school hall and then had a kick at the football which resulted it being confiscated. Gosh it cost me a dear 20 buck for it T.T

Played football just before the party started and I miss some of the exciting part of the day. Michael was rap**.(p/s it is not what you think). The cream bought by Seng Jun takes center stage. Jun Min was transformed into Superman in matter of second with the 'S' logo firmly on his chest. Non-Morianz' which felt the terror of Morianz includes Jun Bin, Dennis and Mr. Ramesh(for the expired twistie).

We recorded almost everything and hopefully I will receive it soon and post it up here. Heard that while I was away carrying the pail of water, they tried to rap* Johnny, our monitor but 'failed'. The reason why is he hided in a room and we block the entrance. There were spaces between the door and they could see our poor John's face. The best part was when they ''LET THE BEAST IN'' which is Shim. What happened afterward I had no idea on it. Oh ya, the sparkling juice. All of the AJK of Morianz had a hand each on the opening of the bottle(not sure what it is called).

After the party, had football again and then Green Hut for tea. 5.30 we left Green Hut and heads home. Bath and then nap for roughly 2 hours and then I am here to tell this. Morianz rocks the world and had no regret being in such a warm, fun, united class.

" Because We Are Morianz' !! "

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last PJ Class - "shattered"

It could have been the last PJ class for us Morianz but for the rehearsal of this graduation day which is on NEXT WEDNESDAY shattered the wish. With high hopes earlier in the morning and the intention to play it all out, it didn't happen.

Rehearsal lasted for about 4 periods. Am glad to acknowledge that I am going to receive 2 certs on Graduation Day. It is for my Scout movement and Interact Club commitment. But things aren't the way it seems to be, Pn Gan is coming on that day and practically of us have to get a hair cut.

Tomorrow is also Su Loy's birthday but he is not coming to school on tomorrow so we had some early celebration for him. We did what we do best and he returned home with a wet undergarments. Bet he will not forget this 17th birthday of his for the rest of his life.

Oh ya, countdown for SPM is err... 19 days..? Sigh. Can we just think in a more positive way? Why not think that in another 4 weeks time SPM will be over and freedom awaits us!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Subash's Seminar

It was Subash's seminar. Supposed to start on 8am but delayed and starts on 9.30am instead. What I gotta say is his time management sucks. No offence but the truth is he never get his staff ready for all the incoming students and it results in all of us rushing into the hall only to be rushed out again to ''register'' I would call it but its just a simple handling over the card the staff.

Seminar it is but it turns out to be a fashion show and talent quest. Subash get the director of CicakMan, a BMW top salesperson and principals of SEGI college as the judges for this competition. WHAT THE HACK?! I am there to study, for tips but not for all this show!

There were 17 contestants in total and the standout ones to me would be Jing Yee, Mei Kay(not sure of the spelling), Tino, Sharon Michelle and a SMKSBU girl which I've forgotten her name. Spot on as Tino, Jing Yee, Sharon Michelle made it to the final 6. And the surprise of all is Siow Yung Kun from MBSSKL made it there too. Tino won it in the end with Sharon second and Jing Yee 4th. Mei Kay won the modern catwalk competition though.

Today also marks the end of Subash's class and it would be the last time I see all those pretty girls. Really miss a few of their faces. Hopefully on the 27th I would be able to bump into anyone of them.

Seminar ends on 4.45, 45 minutes from the proposed time. Got back home alone and as soon as i reach home, i took a bath and get to took a 'nap' which wasn't really a nap because I slept for more than 3 hours!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nothing specific today. Just a normal day as I get through it normally. Woke up on 3.45pm as i slept on 5am the morning earlier revising history. I've got to do so in order to finish up the syllabus. Time is against me so making up for the lost time is the only solution.

Merseyside derby is on today. Goodison Park is the venue for this fixture. I'll glue myself to the tv screen starting 7.40pm. Hopefullly Torres starts and Tim Cahill from Everton fail to recover =]

Yesterday went to Times Square to celebrate Shim's birthday. Went Neway and watched 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. The movie was nice and it's a kind of adrenalin pumping show as the plot is so action packed. Saw someone but she seems to 'ignore'me. End of story on that.

While window shopping, I saw a Liverpool Jersey which caught my attention. It's not the first time I see it actually but this time I really fell in love with it =]
Im putting it into my wishlist ! Hopefully I can get it soon.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A day of enjoyment

Excuse me but it's 1.30 am now but I'll use ''today" as referring to 18 Oct 07. Only now I have the mood to write something here.

Had futsal today with my footie gang. The Cage Carefour, Endah Parade. After meeting them up over there at 1, we start off with our game. I teamed up with Wing Luo, Wing Yip and bro, Arjun Yap and Son. Had A LOT fun especially the moment when Jun Min almost shattered his pelvis LOL. Sorry to say that I was one of the 2 hits he got 'there'. Flashing back, this moment will go on deep into our mind as we'll remember it til the very end. He kept on pouring water into 'it' to keep it numb and the scene was really funny. And I, myself get a half-whack at my face when i save Seng hang's shot and the feeling's sucks as something went into my throat. Guess its one of the black-coloured-rubber on the floor.

Half way into our game, some Sri Cempaka guys from the other court challenged us for a 5v5 game. And what else? Of course we accept it. I can't say we 'sapu' them larr but they lose real ugly =] And there's one guy with CHELSEA's jersey. Chelsea jersey alone makes me have the feeling of marking him tight and it further sparks my will of 'gunning' him down when he kicks my leg without saying sorry.

Then on, went to play snooker with Ryan. Lose the game though with the game only decided at the last ball (black). And after snooker its not the end yet. Bowling time! I really very seldom play bowling but since its only 3 buck per game, so why not have some fun? =]

On our way home, Yap, Son and Shim relive what happened the night earlier. It freaks Jun Min out i guess =D

Oh ya!! before that, It's Shim Man Jung and Joel Wong Joon Meng's birthday! Both the Morianz were borned on the same day 17 years ago! so.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


AIKS!! boring boring boring!! I was not in the mood to study anything today. Waking up on 12 doesn't even help. I tried but failing miserably. First up AddMaths. I was into it the first few tenth minutes but my brain was so stuck and as a result, I threw away the book and replace it with Chemistry. Again, failing to get my head into it. What happened? Sigh perhaps I was strained by all these 'routinely' routines these few days. Doing nothing other than study, gaming and online is rather boring.

Prior to this, I never felt any stress for studies because I am a care-free person. But now, facing the do-or-die SPM really stressed me up. You might not see it in my face but the heat is burning me HOT now. I can't imagine how happy I would be after SPM. It'll never be long though as National Service comes next. 3 months of training = 3 months of non-income, 3 months of non-football, 3 months of non-hanging out and 3 months of non-gaming. This would also mean I can only get my driving license after the 3 months of training. Doesn't matter though as I don't own a car now =]

Sigh my brain is still so stuck with all these. Anybody with a cure for this?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Staying Awake

The time now is 3.39 am and I am still here writing something. The reason why? Well even I can't figure it out. Perhaps I am used to sleep at this late of time.

Hours earlier had a game or two with "Scholes18" and "FGMorianz" and Scholes reminded something about my blog. (Thanks Scholes =]).

Anyways, these 10 days of Raya holidays as i mentioned in a previous post is really boring. The past 3 days I didn't do anything other than study, gaming or online.

Oh ya my Astro decoder were the main reason behind all the transmission problems which has angered me for the past few days. It is now under service by the technician and the good news is I was informed that the decoder will be fixed by tomorrow! I was so afraid that I will miss the match between England and Russia.

Time now shows 3.49 am and I think I should force myself to bed as I don't want to wake up on 2++ pm again tomorrow!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lost Touch

It was nearly 4 months ago since I last play competitively or seriously. Since the lost in the competition in early February, I had thought of totally forgetting it but I couldn't. I've been involved in it since the very first day I step into secondary school. And today, after being 'strained' by boredom out of revision, I took the decision to have a go at it in the evening.

Knowing the fact that it is still in Raya mood for many of the usual players, it is a good chance for me to get back the touch. As i reach there, nobody is there as expected.

The first try. *GOSH* air ball. All right never mind as i thought as I give a second try. *narrowly hitting the rim*. As soon as the ball leave my hand, I knew that I have lost something which was with me all the while. The touch.

After a few tries, I am never in doubt that I've let complacency run over me. And if you know me, I've had complaints that I've gained some fat over my tummy. Sigh, being hooked up with studies is no excuse for this. Even a simple under the rim shot was missed.

Getting back home on around 6 pm gave me a chance to reflect on what had happened. Perhaps I should think this way. What happened happens. Get yourself back up to your feet and don't be too hard on yourself. The next time you get back to the court you will do better =]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Raya 'Holidays'

10 days of ' holiday ' is actually something not to be celebrated for most SPM candidates. This 10 days marks the final month of preparation for SPM 2007. 10 days for 10 subjects? No.

Time's running out with just 28 days before the start of the Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah paper. SIGH Sejarah. With so much thing to read and so much thing to memorise i seriously don't think I could score well in SPM for it. But nevertheless I'll give my best for it as I see scoring well in SPM is my only way out.

Again, disappointment again the night earlier. Astro couldn't watch and I MISS THE MATCH. Sigh.. England won 3-0 with the captaincy of Stevie G. As my friends say he did not play particularly well but it doesn't matter as England won the match.

I wish i have more stuff to blog about but I couldn't. The whole day I was stuck here reading, revising, doing exercise, playing games, online and dreaming. Let's hope that tomorrow will be a better day =]

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wishing all the Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya and an welcome end to the fasting period to some who may not like it.

The festive season has it highs and lows to me. All the booming and fireworks noise that has bugged me for the past week or so has finally came to an end. And our nation's first astronaut has reached ' space high ' which marks a new era or perhaps a new step in our ever growing country.

Today passed particular slow to me. I was only awake at 2 pm as a result of late night sleep at 4 the morning before. Get myself brushed up and had some revision on Add. Maths. As time passes 'slowly' it is just 4 pm!! I thought it would have been already 6 but the clock proved me wrong. Feel bored then went online and had some games. *Phew* finally the times shows its 6++ pm. Thought of watching television but it's raining cats and dogs outside!! Astro oh Astro, why can't you improve this area of service. I wanna watch shows, but not this ''service currently not available''. Pay TV it is but with the climate of Malaysia which always rain, I seriously thinks that we are robbed off our right as a consumer.

I just hope for the transmission would be available by the time England VS Estonia kick off. I do not want to miss this match!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Morianz League

The scene set was like the movie, ' The Day After Tomorrow'. The sky was so dark and rain clouds could be seen from miles apart. As the clock struck 7.20, we were all set for the morning assembly. But a lil' drizzle made us run back to class. We were happy and sad at the same time. Why? urm.. NO assembly: yay happy! NO PJ class: OH no sad! But after a while, the sky seems to know us and all the rain clouds were off and away. YAY its PJ!

It's PJ and i scored a spectacular goal. In off the top left hand corner! Woah was kind of happy 'cause i seldom score goal. We then continued playing in the tennis court playing 'TennisFootball' as a result of the form 3's House on House football session.

Then on, class on as usual til the fourth period where we were gathered once more at the assembly ground for the 'final wishing' from Mr.Wong, our principal. He was due to fly to London for a course for er 3 months? i wasn't too sure of that.

All the above are just the introduction as today's title wasn't fullfiled yet. Wrestling. Out of 'stressness' and boredom, Shim, 'the mastermind of all wild act' in the class suddenly grab hold of Chen Fai. Was he was actually up to 1 of our class' tradition game but, as Chen fai fought back, a wrestling match, a new game, a new activity in 5 Morianz, and a new talking pint among us has started.

As anxiety looms, Shim won the match and something was written on the whiteboard. it says: 'War is Raw', 'Royal Rumble' and all kind of stuff were written. There's even some odds given to them.

Second match, Vaageesan VS Baarathan. Vaageesan the National Swimmer and Baarathan the class' 'sochai long' (means silly dragon) is up against each other. Vaagee wins it and his final opponent for the title 'Morianz League Champ' is Shim. befor that, Baarathan fought Chan Fai for the 3rd placing match but they draw it. Soon the final is underway. They started off with some grabbing and pushing and all of us could not expect how the result would go. Suddenly, Yes suddenly, Shim's *ahem* PP were hit by Vaagee's knee. Shim were brought down to is knee and cried foul. Our ''chief referee'' , Mr. Au Kar Hoe announce that Shim win the match as Vaageesan fouled him. The new '' Morianz Heavy Weight Champion " appeared as he announces arrival to the Wrestling arena with a bang.

Your Name

I strongly believe that a person's name is a special identity to a person no matter how common it is being used or how many people shares it.

Recently, i was asked to submit a list of 16 people involved in the duty roster for out Interact Club. Our duty was arranging chairs in the morning assembly for the teachers to sit on every schooling days except Wednesday. So, i carefully write out all those name involved in a piece of paper in CAPITAL LETTER and submit it to our teacher advisor.

Few days later, I receive the certificate from the Interact Club with our names printed on it. What angers me is that my name, Choo Wai Kien, was spelled Choo Wei Kein. I cant deny the fact that many people had mistaken my ' wai ' as ' wei '. It further upset me when my ' kien ' was spelled as ' kein '. That's twice in a row and I was at the angst of tearing it apart. Yes, you can say I am being emo or whatever you like to call but this is just me. I don't like my name given by my parents to be spelled wrongly.

A name is given is not just given for the sake of ' a name '. There's something special in everybody's name so appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Its 1 in the afternoon and I am just awake. The reason why? I sleep on 3 in the morning. As i get off from my bed, I can feel my aching and it is sort of like blood pumping in and out of the brain and at the same time, the brain is moving about in my skull. It torture me. But all this would sounds nothing if u know me well because i had have headache all my life.

As time approaches 2.30 I set off for my tuition class which last til around 7 pm. Learned how nitrogen cycle is all about, the addictives in food and something on radioactive decay. During the class, I saw someone pretty much related to a friend of mine. But i dare not to mention it as I have no idea on how it is working now.

Sigh, the time is 9 now and I should do some revision as SPM is just 41 days away!

Monday, October 8, 2007

hey peps!

This is not something new to me. Previouslly i had some blogs here and there but I just cant bother to update it or in other sense.. relog into it.
Allright cut the crap, I am new here and I think i shall make this a permanent blog site of mine(depends on my mood to update it ;p)
A lil' bit of 'about me'. I am a sports enthusiastic(hell yea I JUS LOVE SPORTS), born a Malaysian Chinese, 17 and in my final year of secondary school studies, Form 5. I hail from Kuala Lumpur and i grew up here. Growing up in KL doesn't necessary mean that I am a city boy. I've been a scout since primary school and currently I am standing proud as a Rover Scout in my troops.
Anyways, I'll try to blog as often as i could to keep me on tab with myself and make myself a better person ;p