Monday, October 8, 2007

hey peps!

This is not something new to me. Previouslly i had some blogs here and there but I just cant bother to update it or in other sense.. relog into it.
Allright cut the crap, I am new here and I think i shall make this a permanent blog site of mine(depends on my mood to update it ;p)
A lil' bit of 'about me'. I am a sports enthusiastic(hell yea I JUS LOVE SPORTS), born a Malaysian Chinese, 17 and in my final year of secondary school studies, Form 5. I hail from Kuala Lumpur and i grew up here. Growing up in KL doesn't necessary mean that I am a city boy. I've been a scout since primary school and currently I am standing proud as a Rover Scout in my troops.
Anyways, I'll try to blog as often as i could to keep me on tab with myself and make myself a better person ;p

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