Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last PJ Class - "shattered"

It could have been the last PJ class for us Morianz but for the rehearsal of this graduation day which is on NEXT WEDNESDAY shattered the wish. With high hopes earlier in the morning and the intention to play it all out, it didn't happen.

Rehearsal lasted for about 4 periods. Am glad to acknowledge that I am going to receive 2 certs on Graduation Day. It is for my Scout movement and Interact Club commitment. But things aren't the way it seems to be, Pn Gan is coming on that day and practically of us have to get a hair cut.

Tomorrow is also Su Loy's birthday but he is not coming to school on tomorrow so we had some early celebration for him. We did what we do best and he returned home with a wet undergarments. Bet he will not forget this 17th birthday of his for the rest of his life.

Oh ya, countdown for SPM is err... 19 days..? Sigh. Can we just think in a more positive way? Why not think that in another 4 weeks time SPM will be over and freedom awaits us!

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