Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Its 1 in the afternoon and I am just awake. The reason why? I sleep on 3 in the morning. As i get off from my bed, I can feel my aching and it is sort of like blood pumping in and out of the brain and at the same time, the brain is moving about in my skull. It torture me. But all this would sounds nothing if u know me well because i had have headache all my life.

As time approaches 2.30 I set off for my tuition class which last til around 7 pm. Learned how nitrogen cycle is all about, the addictives in food and something on radioactive decay. During the class, I saw someone pretty much related to a friend of mine. But i dare not to mention it as I have no idea on how it is working now.

Sigh, the time is 9 now and I should do some revision as SPM is just 41 days away!

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cheryl said...

AHAH...I oso got headach dillema...It's so often that it happens every night if I back from my hectic afternoon...so,you're totally understandable ^^