Sunday, October 21, 2007

Subash's Seminar

It was Subash's seminar. Supposed to start on 8am but delayed and starts on 9.30am instead. What I gotta say is his time management sucks. No offence but the truth is he never get his staff ready for all the incoming students and it results in all of us rushing into the hall only to be rushed out again to ''register'' I would call it but its just a simple handling over the card the staff.

Seminar it is but it turns out to be a fashion show and talent quest. Subash get the director of CicakMan, a BMW top salesperson and principals of SEGI college as the judges for this competition. WHAT THE HACK?! I am there to study, for tips but not for all this show!

There were 17 contestants in total and the standout ones to me would be Jing Yee, Mei Kay(not sure of the spelling), Tino, Sharon Michelle and a SMKSBU girl which I've forgotten her name. Spot on as Tino, Jing Yee, Sharon Michelle made it to the final 6. And the surprise of all is Siow Yung Kun from MBSSKL made it there too. Tino won it in the end with Sharon second and Jing Yee 4th. Mei Kay won the modern catwalk competition though.

Today also marks the end of Subash's class and it would be the last time I see all those pretty girls. Really miss a few of their faces. Hopefully on the 27th I would be able to bump into anyone of them.

Seminar ends on 4.45, 45 minutes from the proposed time. Got back home alone and as soon as i reach home, i took a bath and get to took a 'nap' which wasn't really a nap because I slept for more than 3 hours!

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