Sunday, October 14, 2007

Raya 'Holidays'

10 days of ' holiday ' is actually something not to be celebrated for most SPM candidates. This 10 days marks the final month of preparation for SPM 2007. 10 days for 10 subjects? No.

Time's running out with just 28 days before the start of the Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah paper. SIGH Sejarah. With so much thing to read and so much thing to memorise i seriously don't think I could score well in SPM for it. But nevertheless I'll give my best for it as I see scoring well in SPM is my only way out.

Again, disappointment again the night earlier. Astro couldn't watch and I MISS THE MATCH. Sigh.. England won 3-0 with the captaincy of Stevie G. As my friends say he did not play particularly well but it doesn't matter as England won the match.

I wish i have more stuff to blog about but I couldn't. The whole day I was stuck here reading, revising, doing exercise, playing games, online and dreaming. Let's hope that tomorrow will be a better day =]

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