Sunday, April 27, 2008

Relegation Dogfight

While everybody was drawing their attention between Man Utd and Chelsea, I personally felt that the relegation dogfight are quite as interesting as the title race between the 2 of them. With Fulham, Birmingham, Reading and Bolton still fighting for every point there is for them, and it will be more interesting if Middlebrough and Wigan which are merely 3 points ahead of Bolton are involved in it too. Elsewhere, Liverpool are all but confirmed their 4th-place finish and thus a place in the Champions League next season.

~every footballer has his funny side =p blek!!~

By the way anybody know how to use Microsoft Outlook ? Damn I need to use it on tomorrow.. @.@

And.. today is also the Birthday of both my sis and Tai so.. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little Genting

Prior to this I never knew that there's actually a place in KL where you can have a good hill-top-view. A place where you can look all over KL, the city of mud.

~cool scenery, but I need a better cam~

Yesterday, together with my friends went to the Little Genting, as what my friend said the name. We were told we will be having dinner at Gasoline at the Little Genting. For a moment we felt we was fooled, as we thought there won't be a Gasoline up there in that hill where we have never heard of. Upon reaching there, the feel of 'O.o' beaming on our head, as Gasoline do and really exist there.

~chicken chop~

And I saw the new Liverpool jersey for season 2008/2009 at , and it again draw my intend of having it. But it cost a damn RM 200 ++ and only available at UK. Hopefully it will arrive here in Malaysia soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hmm its kind of boring staying in the office. Where I basically know no-one and have no one to talk to. Currently I'm in the office here and even have time to spare to blog. You can now imagine how bored I am, but it doesn't matter as I am paid, for sitting here and doing stuff only once in a bluemoon.

I am actually hired to work for Grey Two, on the project for Fontera's Fernleaf as a data entry. Along with me is another19 years old girl and another 20 odd girl. Fernleaf as you know, produces product such as GUMP, or Growing Up Milk Powder, for age 1+ and 3+. (why am I telling all this..? Yeah I know.. I am bored :P)

Working from 9.30 - 5.30 is actually quite carefree. As what I observed for the past few days of my works, thou the time says 9.30, people usually come a bit later than that. And my boss is a nice and funny woman. Instead of the formal shirts I thought I have to wear from day to day, we are actually free to wear anything decent, as long as you can deliver your job. Well that's what I was told la.. hahah xD

One bad thing about my personal PC in the office is that it operates under Windows 98 and thus, Windows Live Messenger and some other application cannot be installed and run, making me soooo bored. Even a simple pendrive needs installation for it to work = =''

Damn I need something to do.. If not I'll be fossil-fied by the boredom...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Woosh! It's Campfire! The 10th KL Air Scout making it's campfire comeback after a 2 years absent.

Reaches school as early as 9 am, leave my bags there then rushes to Times Square to meet up with Villa, Yuen En and her friend. Walk walk and talk talk then rushes back to school on around 3 pm. Help around by settling down the boys' scout and organising them, then rush again to get bathed, and ushering the incoming crowd. I was in charged of the Cochrane Scout.

~part of the crowd, before the rain~

Bad luck as rain began to fall before we could get stuff up and rolling. Plan B; to the Hall. Stuff settled down rather slowly and all we could do is try to calm down the gesturing crowd. The campfire ends on around 11 ++, with the last part of refreshment to the brother scouts and sister guides.

Went McD for 'dinner' with friends. There were 9 of us initially, up until McD, then on the 6 of us get to the snooker centre, paired up with Wing Luo against Yap and Andrew. CC's next, played DotA, Counter Strike and FIFA 08.

~CC time!~
Laugh the hell out of us in all of the games. Things haven't ended as we reaches school, played 3 on 3 football on the tarmac area until 5 am ++

~Midnight Football!~

Bath in cold water, get back to scout den, play poker, chatted about a lot of stuff until sunrise. LOL

~note at the time of the photo if you will~

Breakfast time. Get to Petaling Street, dim sum and then get back up to school, football again only then Hsien Loong gave me a ride home.

As I reaches home I could feel the tiredness I had, quickly bath and get to bed, on 10 am!! It's not the first time thou, as the usual few of us always do what we did like I mentioned earlier each time there's a something which require us to stay overnight at school. I was only awaken on around 7 pm. LOL-ness

All those might be the last before the school starts, as I'll start working on tomorrow until class starts on around mid May or maybe later. Hope everything will go smoothly on tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

"he who knows speak nothing, he who don't know speak a lot of thing"

Well that's more or less 50:50 what Jacky Chan's one of his many dialogue of in the movie the Forbidden Kingdom. Watched it in Mid Valley with friends today. The movie was so action packed with all the kungfu kicking of Jacky Chan and punching of Jet Li. a 8/10 for it =)

Had lunch at McD before the movie starts and Yew Son did something rather hilarious. He spill the chili source on his jeans after some pushing and drawling with the grilled chicken fold over. The grilled chicken foldover won the battle, with Yew Son having his pants sourc-ed.

~dang! couldn't get a shot of his sourc-ed jeans~

Then on, the pet shop. The freakish smell of the smell was forgotten as we saw all those cute little pupies and.. Iguana =='

~it's actually written "no camera".. but who cares?~

Walked all over the places before we found the right place. Kim Gary. Had a bowl of.. erm not exactly ice kacang, or mash mellow i should call it.. Not really sure but who cares as long as it taste good?!

Again saw some brainless and manner-less TB. They performed something rather stupid, by pointing their middle finger and waving like a mad cow in the car to the public while everyone else was patiently queing up. Just.. where in the world has their brain gone?

Anyways, Campfire will be on tomorrow, hopefully a great and succesful one!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am Hired!

Yeap! I am hired! G2 hired me. And I'll start working next Monday!

Salary : RM70/day

Working hours : 9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Working days : Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Location : G2, Wisma Genting!

I am so so so happy now as I can earn some money, hopefully sufficient for my driving license. Besides I can have a new pair of sports shoe, a new bag, bla bla bla etc... Anyway who don't love money?

Anyway, having a 'headache' over which shoe should I wear this weekend, and the outfits for next Monday.

which 1 would be a better choice~?

A fashion consultant please..?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Talking about manners, does that actually exist in the world today? Saying so because I was so annoyed by the 'manners' put up by the monorail user i met today. 1 word for them, 'rude'. Yeah yeah i know, everybody are trying to get their way into the packed train, but can't you just be a little bit more respectful of others and not to force your way into the train like a bulldozer? Not using your elbow and your starring eyes when YOU are the one that crashes onto me. I respect you because you're a lady.

Enough on that. That's something we have to get used to I guess.

Tried my scout uniform earlier to see whether it fits me or not as I'll be wearing it this Saturday. Fit it does, amazingly. I've been wearing the same uniform since I was in Form 1 I guess..? 0.O God knows.

~Might be the last time I'm using it this Sat~

Planned to watch Ah Long but failed, due to the un-watchable show time. Conclusion for the day, another boring day....

Monday, April 14, 2008

PC Fair

Duh~ Its PC Fair, place where LOTS of people rushing in and out, and as a result of it, headache as I reaches home. KLCC was soooo packed with people, let alone be in the exhibition hall. Ocean of people all over the 5..? or maybe more exhibition halls. Just trying to get my way out of KLCC is a heavy task. Moreover, it is the last day of the 3 days fair. People, just like me was trying to get knocked-down price item, but failing miserably.

~lelong lelong~ RM10~!

Created a Facebook account recently, and making some fun out of it. Poker, Blackjack and some other application for me to fill up the time I have.

In the EPL match between Liverpool and Blackburn, Liverpool triumph Blackburn by 3 goals to 1. Torres scoring his 30th goal of the season on the way, and Gerrard his 20th. Voronin get his long awaited goal in front of the Kop as well. A great win to round off a good performance.

Back to the PC Fair, I am getting the news that the workers there are getting as much as RM150 per day?! Holy shit as I thought, as I misses out on a chance to get such highly-paid job. RM150 per day for 3 days, it is equivalent as the allowance I got from the National Service. Sigh what a missed-chance!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Outta My System

I Just keep thinking about you
I mean I wanna move on but I can't move on
It's like you have some kind of hold on me and I don't Know
But I'mma go ahead and talk about it
I'm sitting looking out the window like damn
Tryna fix this situation that's at hand
You still running through my mind when I'm knowing that you shouldn't be,
Me all on yo mind and I'm knowing that it couldn't be
Cause you ain't call and I ain't even appalled
I still got a lot of pain I ain't dealt wit it all
I been running round with other chicks, I'm single and they loving it, I'm liking it but I just want the
one that I was in love with.
That's not the end of it, I'm tryna let you go I can't,
Get a grip of it is what I'm tryna let you know.
You got a hold or some kind of control of me
I don't know what it is, but I gotta get you gone from me
I'm working at it and it ain't getting no better just tryna be like, yeah, forget it, whatever Instead
of staring out this glass looking at this bad weather, damn I gotta pull myself together
When I'm with somebody, all I think bout is you
When I'm all alone, that's all I wanna do
I miss the smiling faces in my sidekick,
Outta town visits, all the time we spent together makes it hard
to get you outta my system.
You know what you do to me
You don't even understand
You know what you do to me
It's so hard to get you outta my system.
I'm too attached, my heart won't let me fall back
I got it bad, that's what you can call that
When I see you in the streets, that's the worse for me
Used to love the little things you did, that's what works for me
It's too major, don't see you on my pager,
Know what you doing, where you at, or can I see you later?
The fellas telling me 'just let her go Bow', believe me, I'm trying man, I just don't know how
I be in all the top spots, leaving with the hot shots, knowing they just want me cause I'm in the top spot
That's not poppin and my brain ain't stopping, thinking
Who she with, or where she going, is she club hopping?
I never had this kind of problem in my life, this is my first time dealing with this kind of fight
It's every night and every flight and every time you in my sight,
Damn this ain't even right, cause.....
When I'm with somebody, all I think bout is you
When I'm all alone, that's all I wanna do
I miss the smiling faces in my sidekick,
Outta town visits, all the time we spent together makes it hard
to get you outta my system
You know what you do to me
You don't even understand
You know what you do to me
It's so hard to get you outta my system.
Is it wrong for me to feel this way, you been running through my mind all day
Can you feel me?
I been tryna get you off my mind, but I cant after all this time
That's what kills me
Is it wrong for me to feel this way, you been running through my mind all day
Can you feel me?
I been tryna get you off my mind, but I cant after all this time
And it kills me
When I'm with somebody, all I think bout is you
When I'm all alone, that's all I wanna do
I miss the smiling faces in my sidekick,
Outta town visits, all the time we spent together makes it hard
to get you outta my system.
You know what you do to me
You don't even understand
You know what you do to me
So hard to get you outta my system
I remember everything that me and you talked about
Me and you had our whole lives planned out together
And if I could, I would, turn back the hands of time and correct all my mistakes that I ever did
But now I guess I gotta move on, right?
It's still hard and I still love you till this day


As i said, spent a night in school in preparation for the upcoming campfire of my school's scout troop. Hurt my butt in the process lol.

Hurt it when I was climbing into the hall through the construction side, and now it is feeling like my butt cramps when I'm walking. Should I go to see doctor? hope not..

Today I was in charge of the boys' scout for the first time as well. Looking at them, I can see them very much alike to the character of mine and my friends just few years back, naive, childish, playful etc. When I was introducing myself to them, some of them even call me 'goh-goh' or 'teacher'. =='

Should be going to the PC Fair on tomorrow, hopefully can get something cheap and.. a speaker!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

L Change The World

The title says it, L Change The World. Watched it earlier in the day at TS with friends. Hmm what I gotta say..? It's kind of nice to me, I'll give a 9/10 for it, only for its being in Japanese!! Have to read through the subtitles which make my eyes.. tired!!

L Change The World has nothing to do with the previous 2 episode of Death Note, which came to my comfort as I did not watch the second episode of Death Note. Also, the way L type in the movie is funny. Retard-ed type of typing? Funny.

While window shopping today and I realise something again, why cant guys find cheap + nice shirts?? o.O something which makes me wonder all the while, girls just seems to have lots of choices and it comes with a REASONABLE price.

Anyways, will be spending tomorrow night in school in preparation for my scout troop's campfire which will happen on the 19th April 2008. Anybody interested..? Ring me!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Running Nose!!

*Sneeze Sneeze* well that's basically how I 'sound' like yesterday and early morning today. Had a bad, bad flu. Had slight fever too. Making lots of 'wantan' and it stuffed the dustbin out. Wanted to take the medicine earlier but I just cant afford to do so cause I would've miss the Liverpool-Arsenal match! In the end, suffered the whole day and making lots lots of wantan.

Anyway, Liverpool won the match by 4 goals to 2. Though some might say the penalty won by Babel was dubious, but I don't care, as Liverpool are through to the semifinal! Next up, Chelsea. And guess what, Liverpool is Chelsea's bogey team in the UEFA Champions League. =D

The day passed rather slowly to me today. Woke up on around 2+ as a result of sleeping around 5 a.m. then also had the medicine which makes a person rather tired. Then had my breakfast as usual and started helping my mum for some housework. ... ... as it goes, thought of going to the Taman Tasik Permaisuri for a jog but I was afraid I wasn't fully recover from that damn flu. *ouch* stayed home and be fossil =s

Again I'm pledging, please gimme a job! Gosh I need some $$ for me to buy a new speaker, as the old 1 was spoiled after bringing it to Genting. The world is boring without music.

Oh ya, I was told by Wing Luo few days earlier that together we will take full charge of the boys' scout troop, aka the scouter of the boys' scout. Seriously, I would love to do it, but I'll need to juggle studies, family, friends, money, time and scouting at the same time.

Run out of stuff currently, till then, see ya!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Opps! I know I know, It's been a long time since I last blog-ed. I was LAZZZZYY all the while. Anyways, since the last time I blog, not many things happened, I guess? Alright let's have a look... I've been to Genting Highland, my cousin's wedding, Sunway Pyramid and had lunch at the 'Italianies', had a part time job interview with G2, been to 'ching ming' and... guess that's it! Nothing much, right?
27th-29th March, Genting Highland. The 'Crazy311 of Penor' were there to shake some ass. Reason why I say so?? hmm.. Play1, Villa's act in the bowling lane, the first I ever seen. 2nd, both the nights in the First World Hotel could hear the noise we made out. Play3, we were against all rules in the theme park. While I'm making it sounds like something to be proud of instead of shameful-teenagers, I personally enjoyed the trip very much.
Lunch at Italianies were the first time, in a 'classy' restaurant. Can't deny, they provide first class service and their food were nice, except for being a little bit, expensive. Well that is common when it comes to such restaurant.

A piece of cake?

After that rushes to the Puduraya bus stop to catch the bus to JB on 3pm for Joanne, but failed and she have to board the bus on 4pm instead. I can't deny the shopping power of a teenage girl. What she see is what she buy O.o and ended up in missing the bus. weii don't repeat this again la~

Desperately in need of a job currently, preferably part-time. I am b-r-o-k-e. Anyone with a offer..? A good one? Anyone?