Friday, October 19, 2007

A day of enjoyment

Excuse me but it's 1.30 am now but I'll use ''today" as referring to 18 Oct 07. Only now I have the mood to write something here.

Had futsal today with my footie gang. The Cage Carefour, Endah Parade. After meeting them up over there at 1, we start off with our game. I teamed up with Wing Luo, Wing Yip and bro, Arjun Yap and Son. Had A LOT fun especially the moment when Jun Min almost shattered his pelvis LOL. Sorry to say that I was one of the 2 hits he got 'there'. Flashing back, this moment will go on deep into our mind as we'll remember it til the very end. He kept on pouring water into 'it' to keep it numb and the scene was really funny. And I, myself get a half-whack at my face when i save Seng hang's shot and the feeling's sucks as something went into my throat. Guess its one of the black-coloured-rubber on the floor.

Half way into our game, some Sri Cempaka guys from the other court challenged us for a 5v5 game. And what else? Of course we accept it. I can't say we 'sapu' them larr but they lose real ugly =] And there's one guy with CHELSEA's jersey. Chelsea jersey alone makes me have the feeling of marking him tight and it further sparks my will of 'gunning' him down when he kicks my leg without saying sorry.

Then on, went to play snooker with Ryan. Lose the game though with the game only decided at the last ball (black). And after snooker its not the end yet. Bowling time! I really very seldom play bowling but since its only 3 buck per game, so why not have some fun? =]

On our way home, Yap, Son and Shim relive what happened the night earlier. It freaks Jun Min out i guess =D

Oh ya!! before that, It's Shim Man Jung and Joel Wong Joon Meng's birthday! Both the Morianz were borned on the same day 17 years ago! so.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!