Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little known fact about Lower 6 Mori~

Some little known facts about Lower 6 Mori, the class I've been settling in since mid May.. I actually thought of doing this since few weeks ago, since I have 90% of the classmates photos but Meng Hua did it a step ahead of me! As in the future I will be viewing this over and over again like a diary, please bare with some of which might be over-winded.

Lets start with...

The monitor
Lee Kan Feng,
the noob-est of all in the class,
speaks at the most unsuitable time.
can you believe he's from Confucian?
the assistant monitor,
Tung Kin Fai,
ex-Mbs ex-Morianz.
Cutest Librarian.
Has a cool MAS pilot brother!

~right most with a noob peace sign, Kan Feng~
~in blue, Tung Kin Fai ~

The Class Secretary
Ng Kar Heng .
Laughing's the best medicine.
laugh non-stop 24/7.
swallow a quarter of the word she speaks.

HW on left~
The Class Representative cum Treasurer
Kuok Huey Wen,
Great efficiency in work with a work rate of 100%.
Love Japanese stuff I suppose?
One of the tallest girl in class.

Cleanliness Chairman
Poon Yee Ling
State Gymnast.
Her voice could melt the heart of millions.
Giggles under all situation .
you harldy see her being unhappy.
Loves Pink!

~photo says a million words~
Chairman of Form 6 Society
Ong Meng Hua
His hand is always waving around.
Has the gentlest of touches.
Tallest in the class but he's afraid of height.
He's yellow in lotza things.

~Meng Hua~

Secretary of Form 6 Society
Tan Zhu Jun
Good things comes in small packages.
Wears size 1 shoe.
her height?? 1x9cm.
Partner-in-crime of Huey Wen.

~Zhu Jun~

The Prom Queen
Shirley Ding Suet Lee.
Pretty? sure she is.
Noisy? definitely.
Again, all good things comes in small packages.
and she's cute!

Prom Queen Finalist
Khoo Huey Ching
Noisiest girl in the class.
can be unreasonable.
You'll never get bored with her.
can you believe she broke Dato Onn's high jump record?

~Queens; Shirley and Huey Ching~

Kung Wan Jing
10A's student.
Choose MBS over SAB.
Nice person.
cousin of Yik Lim.

~sorry but I can't find other pic of you, Wan Jing~

The Class Singer 1
Lim Hui Xian.
Has a nice but soft voice.
speaks weird cantonese.
Don't mess with her, she knows Taichi!
Kuok Hui Wei
the name sounds familiar? 1 of the 4 'hui' in class.
She's a chindian o.O
She practices sarcasm.
cousin of Huey Wen.
Ng Eng Aun
large is good.
A walking dictionary.
He loves to write upside-down or right side-up.
~Hui Xian, Hui Wei and Eng Aun~

Lim Jun Yang
CPGA 3.33
Good sense of humour.
He won the football medal without stepping on the grass.
1st in class.
a future doctor!

~Dr. Lim~

The class holiday activity planner
Liew Kar Thye
Sarcastic at times.
He can play basketball but didn't admit .
A hardworking guy that works in silence.


Toh Yue Fen
she have a very highpitch voice
Play piano very well
~Yue Fen~
Wee Yong Sions
a near extinction spesies.
You can't expect what he is thinking.

Lee Hon Kent
A clever person.
Follows instrcution well.

~Sions on left, Hon Kent center~

Khew Wei Hoong
Very slumber.
slow pace-d.
Might surprise you when he do speak.
can play football very well.
A fans of Liverpool!


Chan Weng
He's the hero from the past.
He loves history and politics.
expect to see him in election one day.
surprises everyone with his speech.
and he loves the Joker.

Class Singer 2
Teh Jun Bin.
ex-MBS .
Hypocritical at everthing.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Eat whenever possible in class .

Class Singer 3
Wong Weng Sing .
Sings with great passion.
He don't look like he can sing, don't he?
an excelent Bio student!

~Jun Bin and Weng Sing promoting our ESP t-shirt~

gets very shy when we say *Ahem*
Thinking what I am thinking?
Doesn't talk much.
partner in crime of Yee Ling.

Samuel Das
ex-MBS ex-Morianz
The chinese speaking Indian.
A musician of 4 instruments.
Do he look like 1 anyway?
Sarcastic at all time .

Hew Yik Lim
ex-MBS ex-Morianz
he talks football but doesn't play.
cousin of Wan Jing.

~Yik Lim and Sam~

Tang Li Wah
a very nice girl.
very helpful.
ex-captain of Confucian.
She drives to school.
don't mess with her.

Gan Xiau Jing
second in class.
very very very quiet.
but very very clever .

~Li Wah on left Xiau Jing on right~

Lee Kah Hui
ex-MBS ex-Morianz.
1 of the numerous presidents of Morianz.
Very good in Maths.
once fame for his crooked peace sign.

~Lee Kah Hui~

Woo Chien Ling
Transfered here after the holiday.
Pretty after making up.
works hard in silence.
President of Kelab Perkebunan.

~Left ; Chien Ling ~

Virtuosso of Piano
Thong Kit Yee.
She has a large eyes but says that it is small.
long and brown hair.
Going for Diploma in Piano!

~Kit Yee~
Choo Wai Kien
No description available, find it out yourself.
-The End-

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its Merdeka peps!

Tanggal tigapuluhsatu~
Bulan lapan limapuluhtujuh~~

Its Merdeka peps! 31st Aug 2008, the independet day of Malaysia! People, especially youngsters will sure gather at hotspots such as Bukit Bintang, KLCC or 1U to countdown this annual event. Well me? I am too old for this *blushes*

I am actually outta my house this morning until evening, but not for countdown, shopping! Went to Times Square, Sungei Wang and Bukit Bintang to get myself a futsal shoe. Its on sale now babe =)

I, Yew Son, Szeto and Shim walked into numerous shops hust to get the right one. Thanks bro! After hours of window shopping around, McD's the next stop. Sundae Cone~ In a you-know-what and I-don't-know situation with Yew Son, I saw the 'new price' of the Sundae Cone, which is now RM1.20 sebelum tambah cukai. O.O prices everywhere are increasing!!

After Shim and Szeto left, Rachel came. Again, window shopping lol

reach home around 8, dinner, blog.

Anyway, Happy Merdeka People!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Damn I'm sick

Its OK to rain once in a while, but definitely not everyday, as what it is like currently. I AM SICK. Not as if I am weak, but the unpredictable weather are giving me lots of trouble. particularly when my worn-out shoe has a big hole at the bottom of it. going into classes feeling like a fish is fishing in yr shoe? try it.

sometimes, life is full of surprise. Embrace yourself for more friends! I couldn't believe my eyes when I look onto the result slip. Not as if I did it very well or brilliantly, but the result do have something for me to cheer on for the next exam perhaps?

Not to forget, today is the birthday of 3 of my friends! Chestal aka Su Xian, Samuel Das and Jia Yen.. so.. happy birthday!!

top 10

so, never say never!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tagged~ by Meng Hua

Hmm I was tagged by Meng Hua few days ago and I only realize it today! sorry bro..

The rules and regulations:
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

1. I hate arrogant people.
2. I hate being fooled.
3. I hate to follow instructions. lolz
4. I take a nap everyday for a minimum of 2 hours.
5. I care what people say.
6. I procrastinate more often than using it more efficiently.
7. I eat and eat and eat but doesn't gain much weight.
8. I moan about little things.
9. I get bored easily
10. I look into the mirror more than I could remember
11. I bath at least twice a day.
12. I used to think I am the chosen one lol
13. I always reminisce the past.
14. I am a big fan of Linkin Park
15. My hair curls at the fringe and side but straight from the top til the end. weird huh?

I tagged..
I am just too lazy! haha do it la if you feel to~

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ever wondered how life would be without.. football?..? lolz it would be disastrous. Just moments earlier I watched the match of Liverpool against Middlebrough and Liverpool won by 2-1 with a last gasp goals from Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard. The match had my adrenalin pumping the whole of second half.

Anyway, the day started off with basketball, rather than football at school with the old mates. Eric, Shim, Jason, Ryan, Khew, Meng Shen, Khai Wen, Mah Wai Hong, Chen and I were there. Had some game or two then headed off to Green Hut for lunch. Upon reaching Green Hut, Jason..

Jason: sepuluh orang. Mau sambung meja
Waitress: er...(trying to reply in malay)
Jason: looked confused, trying to arrange the tables
Waitress: so you have 10 persons? (in mandarin)
Jason: ooh yes 10 (in mandarin)

~Shim with his 'wild acts' again~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lightning Bolt

Whats the headline ??

First it was 9.72s, now it is 9.69s. Earlier it was 19.32s, not it is 19.30s!! Could he gone even faster? Well to me he certainly could. At the 100meter, Bolt was obviously seen slowing down at the last 10 meter or so but yet, he rewrites his own world record at 9.69s?! To be more impressive, his 200M record of 19.30s is even more jaw-dropping. divide it with 200 and then times with 100 and you'll get 9.65s for a 100M. Impressive?

Being someone relatively close to this sport itself had me wondering, how could someone like Usain Bolt to emerge out from nowhere just a few months before the Olympic and now setting 2 new world records? Hats off, hail the new spring king!

While all the joy goes to the Jamaican, the US relay team in the 100M had both the men's and women's team disqualified, due to the drop batton. Tyson Gay? he'll return home empty handed. At least Asafa Powell will have something to cheer on with the 4x100M medal quite in the bag. I certainly hope for more to come =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


200820082008 =)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fraser's Hill~

I am back from Fraser's Hill! For 4 days 3 nights I was able to escape from the urban jungle of KL and had a quite enjoyable time there.

The weather is kind of chilling as it was raining all the while. Went to some of the places I went and had some memorable photographs taken.

I went as a boy scout few years back and came back a scouter =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Call me King =D

From time and time again, I always tell myself that Form 6 wouldn't be as bored as some might say and now I can say that Form 6 is not boring at all!!

Yesterday, 13th Aug 08, the Form 6 Society had a orientation closing ceremony, whereby the seniors are invited to attend and witness the staggering show put-up by the lower sixes. It was well planned I've gotta say, Bravo Meng Hua and team!

A day earlier, we stayed back until almost 6 just to set up the stage! and I made the banner with the help from Khew, Sam, Eng Aun, Jun Yang and Yue Fen. We also called ourselves "The Banner Team"

~Jun Yang, Sam, Khew, Banner~
~The Banner Team~

Class after class came out with their well-planned performance and soon arrives the Morianz. We had 3 performances, which is the ballroom dance, Yee Ling's gymnastic and a fastdance by us. I took part in all.

~The fastdance~

~The Ballroom dance, Kit Yee and Sam as the musician, Yee Ling the Gymnast~
After all the performances, the time for the last part yet the most mouth-watering session begins. It is the Prom King & Queen, or the Freshie King & Queen or the fashion show whatever you call it. There were total of 9 pairs if I am not mistaken. I was pair number 6, with Shirley.

~Shim and Fleming, Shirley and I, Weng Sing and Huey Ching~

~Before the start~

~The Phantom Of The Methodist~

~All in one~

All the contestant was really having a lot of fun from it from the joyous face of them. After it all, we were all asked to enter the hall once again for the announcement of winners. Andrew, the MC read out the winner as pair number 6

After all, it is a very fun ceremony with lots of laughter and excitement. From the adrenalin-pumping drum performance of the Kensettians and the slow-pace romantic performance of the Morianz as well as the hilarious sketch of the Clancys, all the tiredness were long forgotten. Hope next year would be the same and may it even be better!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera! I rarely read books, or novels, or story books bla bla bla but this book, The Phantom Of The Opera which every form 2 students in Malaysian Sec. School are compulsory to read had made me feel somewhat glad that I had read it.

This story evolves around Erik, the Phantom Of The Opera and Christine Daae, the beautiful opera singer from Paris(please correct if I am wrong!). The story goes such that Erik love Christine but Christine on the other hand was in love with a rich man namely Raoul and Erik being the Phantom which possesses some magic tricks kidnapped Christine and Raoul did everything possible including almost being murdered by one of Erik's magic tricks to save Christine. In the end, Erik gave in to Christine's sincerity and they let them together and Erik since was never ever seen again.

~phantom and christine~
Well that's briefly what's in the book, and I am going to use the Phantom Of The Opera as the theme for the upcoming Orientation Party. But there's lot s of preparation to be done, like the dress, the mask and the way I should portray Erik on the stage.

Left or right?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Ho Ching Yuen" 1 day trip

It has gotta be one of the most tired day of recent times. Walking around, or literally shopping with an empty stomach will definitely make you lose weight.

Ok straight to the point. I, Khew, Meng Hua, Kan Feng, Kin Fai, LI Wah, Zhu Jun, Yee Ling, Shirley, Kar Heng and Yue Fen had a 1 day trip to this place called "Ho Ching Yuen" or Hang Tuah. Purpose? getting the required shirts for the ceremony.

Walked into numerous shops and had my eyes blushed with colourful yet fashionable designs of various tees. Ok la let shorten it. We found something they wanted with a relatively cheap price. Next up, the girls'. Walk and walk and walk again until we found the desirable piece of cloth.

Reading this doesn't make you tired right? well before we were off there, we actually had practices on the dance and the patriotic song. If you want to know how grueling is the practice, come to MBS and I'll show you.

Oh I've got the theme for the performance. Its gonna be The Phantom Of The Opera! lol I'll try to upload some photo soon of the trial dress I had lol

Friday, August 8, 2008


the vid says it all xD

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today had the practice again, in the Scout Den. We were left with no choice but to choose that place as there aren't anymore empty classroom available. So.. like the other day, just dance dance dance and dance..

Tung Kin Fai had us bursting into laughter with his 'cute' dance. He danced like chicken little coupled with a bit The Rock flavour in it. lol

His shoulder was stiff like an iron rod and every time I try to teach him he will "errr..err..rrr thisss is myy firrst timme danccingg.." -___-'

Anyway, we managed to get some fun out of it with some funny movements from Kan Feng and partner, Zhu Jun and particularly, Kin Fai.

And any suggestion for me on what to wear during the fashion show..? I'm running out od idea..

PS: when I say shut the fcuk up, I mean it. Don't sit there like a sissy and act like a sarcastic cat with the doggy face.

Saturday, August 2, 2008



"Wai Kien, lend me your phone. I think I LOST my phone"
Upon hearing this, I quickly took out my phone and lend it to Kar Heng(Ng Kar Heng, not Choong Kar Heng) her face was as if she's gonna burst into tears. Meng Hua and I could do nothing but try to comfort her. She tried to call home but nobody picked up the phone. The worried face on her doesn't feel good cos' the normal Kar Heng would just laugh-out-of-control on whatever she sees and hear. Then when her mum called back, her face changed 360 degree and started laughing even when she's with herself lol. Bet you know what the call said.

Kan Feng, being quite new to MBS, doesn't know what's the outcome when someone like him lay flat on the floor. He's only begging for 'something' and of course la I won't disappoint him. He've been asking me bout the stuff WE Morianz did when we were in form 5 days, and today, I granted him his wish. Not once but twice. But what I did was nothing compared to the past ones.

So now whenever I see him I would have the evil laugh of "NgehNgehEhehehEhhhe" with me. He wouldn't lie flat on the floor anymore I guess.

Then the dance rehearsal began. We started off with some ballroom dance. Just simple steps la and I am partnering with Kar Heng. She have the disease of laughing out of control as I mentioned so.. how can I now trick her?? the whole rehearsal she only had some moment of peace. lol

Then comes the hip hop dance or.. er actually what dance is that har?? I was just following the fella on what he teach. lol

Left around 12 with Khew to GreenHut to yum cha with the Morianz. Szeto, Wing Luo, Joel, Shim was there. CYBER VIRUS CHEONG YEW SON ffk. He's gonna get ot from me the next time i see him. Sumore he was the one that ajak me to go. You gonna get it kao kao lol

Joel the bug face.

Szeto the Manchurian

Well me obviouslly, with a unsually shy Wing Luo lol

And.. See what we found!

~It reads Melving Wong is a Hamsap Lou in case if you cant read, but obviouslly and definately not the Melvin Wong we know.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yoyo! The Connection is up!

LoLz as the title goes, my connection is up! After 2 months ++ of non-Internet period, being able to online again can only be described by one word, AWESOME!! Wahahahah!!

Hmm.. the previous posts I posted weren't actually an update, as I was just crapping all the while =D

Lets get it rolling by.. Imagining that it only took the thief a mere 5 minutes of his life to steal off the whole building's telephone cable, and it took a hell of 2 months ++ for the DBKL to install it back on. Talk about efficiency. I wonder if there would be some rebate for the bills.

A lot of stuff could happen within these 2 months. I was elected the President of the Basketball Club, Vice-Pres for Photography Club, a soon-to-be Penolong Pemimpin in my scout troop and involving myself in 3(or 2? I'm not sure) performance in the Orientation Party, Merentas Desa, Family Day and not to forget, I cut my hair, real short!

~Merentas Desa Day, the L6M and some from other class~

On the bright side of the hair cut stuff, I could attend Monday's assembly. lol