Thursday, October 11, 2007

Morianz League

The scene set was like the movie, ' The Day After Tomorrow'. The sky was so dark and rain clouds could be seen from miles apart. As the clock struck 7.20, we were all set for the morning assembly. But a lil' drizzle made us run back to class. We were happy and sad at the same time. Why? urm.. NO assembly: yay happy! NO PJ class: OH no sad! But after a while, the sky seems to know us and all the rain clouds were off and away. YAY its PJ!

It's PJ and i scored a spectacular goal. In off the top left hand corner! Woah was kind of happy 'cause i seldom score goal. We then continued playing in the tennis court playing 'TennisFootball' as a result of the form 3's House on House football session.

Then on, class on as usual til the fourth period where we were gathered once more at the assembly ground for the 'final wishing' from Mr.Wong, our principal. He was due to fly to London for a course for er 3 months? i wasn't too sure of that.

All the above are just the introduction as today's title wasn't fullfiled yet. Wrestling. Out of 'stressness' and boredom, Shim, 'the mastermind of all wild act' in the class suddenly grab hold of Chen Fai. Was he was actually up to 1 of our class' tradition game but, as Chen fai fought back, a wrestling match, a new game, a new activity in 5 Morianz, and a new talking pint among us has started.

As anxiety looms, Shim won the match and something was written on the whiteboard. it says: 'War is Raw', 'Royal Rumble' and all kind of stuff were written. There's even some odds given to them.

Second match, Vaageesan VS Baarathan. Vaageesan the National Swimmer and Baarathan the class' 'sochai long' (means silly dragon) is up against each other. Vaagee wins it and his final opponent for the title 'Morianz League Champ' is Shim. befor that, Baarathan fought Chan Fai for the 3rd placing match but they draw it. Soon the final is underway. They started off with some grabbing and pushing and all of us could not expect how the result would go. Suddenly, Yes suddenly, Shim's *ahem* PP were hit by Vaagee's knee. Shim were brought down to is knee and cried foul. Our ''chief referee'' , Mr. Au Kar Hoe announce that Shim win the match as Vaageesan fouled him. The new '' Morianz Heavy Weight Champion " appeared as he announces arrival to the Wrestling arena with a bang.

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