Thursday, December 31, 2009

September - Taman Pertanian, Korean Village, Andrew's Birthday!

So here goes, September.

September was supposed to be the month where we put our foot down and start the intense revision for STPM(yes, no, maybe?)

But yet it didn't stop us from going out, particularly to Taman Pertanian. No we are not there to plant rice nor catching bugs. We are there to have fun!

Getting there itself is tedious. Roads after roads we taken mistakenly band eventually we ended up guess where, Port Klang. When we get one of the local for direction, the reaction he gave us was embarrassing enough -__- Getting to Pulau Ketam instead wouldn't be a bad suggestion.

Anyhow, the 2 Vivas of Meng Hua and Sze To finally did get there, but with the hiccup of an hour behind schedule.

OK we know we look silly here, but who cares anyway?!
yepp that's me on your left and Sze To on right
Our mode of transport for the day

Never mess with this parrot if you ever visit Taman Pertanian, It scolds you in bad word wtf!

Some of the animals on display in the Taman Haiwan

In a rush eh?

After the tiring cycling session at Taman Pertanian, as planned, we proceed to the Korean Village at Ampang.

Seriously, if you want to experience or see how Koreans live their live or have the 'Korean Aura' , you should probably pay a visit to this place. The shops, goods and even people(well obviously) are mostly in Korean language! And the girls did managed to peek-a-boo on some Korean leng chai somehow.

Apparently Korean loves canned Starbuck

Korean food? reminds me of 'dai cheong gam' rofl

Then on the next day, I was at this Scout Annual Mooncake Festival. Was at there with Sze To, Andrew, Wing Luo, Khai Wen, Keh Bin and few other fellas.

But earlier, I Andrew, Szeto and Yew Son was at the Pavilion to.. lepak lol

why is he always caught in the act?

Anyway the main point was this!

We were the attention-grabber and head-turners of the town!! Almost everyone in the Bintang area saw this and 1 even bang his head against a pole while looking at our car(nah I was joking)

Oh so well I guess this is it. What I've done in the month of September.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I can swim!

Being random is fun isn't it? Well we can be random in our decisions, thoughts and deeds(sometimes, literally)

So being random was how it went. Random thoughts and random decisions propel us for a swimming session after our basketball game and boy, I can swim now!

Shall I introduce you my coaches?

coach #1, Meng Shen, with his thoery
Coach #2, Khai Wen, with his forcing style
coach #3, Eric, with his hardcore style
Coach #4, Keh Bin, with his 'professional' style

There's coach number 5 actually, Jun Min but he refuses photo of him taken.

Anyhow, much thanks to their endless torment , I am able to swim at long last , but I need more practice!

we look "korean", Don't we?
big bang mania ROFL

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Sunday, December 20, 2009

you moan and you groan, you yearn but you don't learn
so what else do you want?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

August - Ah PAK Hill, Susan Bistro and Sam's Birthday

Well as I said, I would post some of the stuff I did when I was away from the DIGITAL world.

In the month of August, if I'm not mistaken, there's only 2 things worth mentioning.

We went for a hike at this "AH PAK" hill off Cheras Awana. The hill apparently attracts lots of people and are gaining popularity among older people(from what I observed)

Getting up the hills to me personally is not really a big problem but for some, you might consider wearing a well-grip shoe.

As usual, I am the photographer and this time, I brought along the DSLR. Many pictures I've taken but
uploading all of them would take ages. So I'll pick and choose some worth seeing.

making our way to the foothill

While most of the people we see is either busy catching their breathe or resting, I was quite surprise to see that there's some rubber tapper at work, at such a city-centre hill.

There are even hand rail made of high tensile rope for people to hold onto

Resting time

Group photo 1 with Huey Wen and Khew missing

But the real intention though for us to get there was the 'waterfall'
So here is it



The one who brought us here, Ms Tang Li Wah
oh the guide of the day, Ju Yang. He brought us up the hill and to the waterfall where the road is really sloppy and slippery! Without him, we'll probably lost our way up there and end up in next day headline.

Then, we head down hills before the sun get too hot. Bathed and play at Li Wah's house, then off to Susan's Bistro as recommended by Mrs. Yap.

The great scene I spotted on the way down hill.

OK now this Susan Bistro is really nice. The Italian food they serve there is really good coupled with quiet environment as there are only limited table available. Its situated at Bandar MahkotaCheras.

Nuff said bout it. Try it and you'll know. The food comes with a reasonable price too(as you can see, I can afford too!)

Try the tiramisu, as a matter of fact there are no tiramisu picture here is because once the dish is out, someone somehow has their spoon right into the middle of it already. This actually shows how nice it is.

Then there was Samuel Das' Birthday on the 28th of August. We had some kind of celebration with him at the Chilis in MidValley

Stay tune junkies, for the month of September~~