Friday, November 30, 2007


Ahem. It is 29th Nov. Months after the premier of Secret, by Jay Chou. And only now, yes only now I get to watch it. Yeh yeh I know its kind of 'outdated' but I've got no choice since

  1. I was busy all the while when the movie was on screen
  2. I couldn't get the seed to download the torrent seed
  3. I don't buy VCD or DVD
  4. I was lazy =p

I personally like the movie very much and I think I'll repeat it for another few more times. Its touching. Its romantic. Its basically NICE! The main actress in the movie was so cute! I rate it 10/10 ! And without realizing that actually the song I Cai Hong is one of the soundtrack in the movie, when Jay kisses Rain. Would love to see this movie win some award on the Golden Horse Award.

Going into something I did these few days, I cleaned my SPM mess, I play futsal and 9-balls pool for the first time. am happy cause I was on a streak for a while and made quite a number of high-difficulty shots. Oh ya another movie i watched, 30 Days of Night. I didn't really understand the movie as the quality of the download wasn't entirelly nice and the storyline - questionable.

3.40 now! time for bed! Ciaoz!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It is over finally. ITS OVER! What a relieve when the invigilator said

"baik masa tamat, sila letak pensel dan ikat semua helaian jawapan bersama"

I love this phrase. But what comes to my surprise is I wasn't celebrating or over-joy with it. It seems to be just another day of randomness feeling. Weird huh? Even I can't answer it myself.

After getting back home, I decided to spend some time on basketball where I'll just shoot a few basket and done with it. Then, here comes a group of "punk heads" and asking for a shot at the basket. Of course, this is not my first time experiencing such scene. I stood up bravely and lied to them saying that the ball isn't mine and I threw it to my friend nearby. Then the group of about 7-8 crowded me and it is getting intense over there. I hold my fist ready for a melee if it were to happen. Their intention were simple; they wanted to tell me that they are the boss of the area and I should listen to their orders? Hell NO.

After some talking and more bad words involved in the talk, they backed off. A sigh of relief as I was worried that I would be involved in a fight with them. Fighting with them alone is not a big deal, but messing up with the whole gang isn't something to be fooled at. At any instant I might be beaten up while on my way home or getting to the neighbourhood anytime in the future. A risk I dare not to take. After that, I didn't claim back the ball from my friend as I wanted him to keep it at the moment. P/S : I ain't no gangsta, But I'll be one when it need to be.

Back to the SPM thingy, well most of the science stream student are done for good. Except for some taking additional subjects such as Chinese Language, Accounts or Arts. Wishing them luck here and.. geez, I m hungry, Ciaoz!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yay! SPM will be over in 24 hours time! Frantically awaiting that time! The past month or so I've been repeating this over and over again but I just don't seems bored. LOL-ness as I m already imagining and planning what to do after SPM. I played DOA for almost a full day today from 3pm to 3am. Bio were never in my mind.

Watched Liverpool's match against Newcastle and they won 3-0. Gerrard, Kuyt and Babel were on the score sheet. Not gonna talk much about it though as SOME PEOPLE say they don't understand FOOTBALL. Instead of football, HAIRCUTS? SHOPPING? hahas sorry larr its been years since I last do that. Maybe next time.

OMG my sis's hair is bugging me. Their hair were falling all over the places since they came back from Sabah. Got me ithcy all over the body. But as according to them, its normal worr -.-''

Oh ya, Happy Belated Birthday to Khai Wen and Abby! Hope you don't mind that I'm late :p

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Big Four

Tomorrow is the first of the BIG FOUR, Add Maths. The Big Four ; Add Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Moral is considered something 'moderate' here given the degree of difficulties of these Big Four overshadowed Moral. Now that my sister is back from Sabah I hope that they will be able to help me out for these 4 subjects. But all the cheers will be here soon as Bio will be the last of the Big Four and the last paper of SPM to me!

A midnight earlier Israel won Russia 2-1 in a decisive qualifier. Thank God that England now possesses a great chance of qualifying with Croatia losing their match against the Macedonians. All England need in their match against the Croats is a draw and see ya in Austria/Switzerland 2008!

Friday, November 16, 2007

National Service

Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 5/2008.
No KP 900301146737





Kumpulan 1

Tarikh Daftar 29/12/2007

Masa Daftar 9.30 Pagi

Well, above all are my campsite for my National Service 2008. Can say I was lucky to be selected back then around September...? Anyways after accepting the fact that I still would have to go, I choose to welcome it.

Hmm, anybody with the same campsite as I do?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Midway through the SPM examination

With the Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Sejarah and Modern Mathematics paper done, I am a quarter way through the SPM examination. The next paper is EST which is on Friday.

Taking good care of your health is a must before you sit for any exams, no matter how seriously you take it, it is a must. Saying this is because I fell sick on the first paper itself. The BM paper which require a lot of thinking and writing. Suffering from fever, running nose and headache all at once really kills me off. Luckily I was able to pull myself together and complete these papers before passing out. Apart from that, I was constantly bugged by the mosquito and the construction noise.

A breather is all I need now. A 5 days break ignoring that on Friday will be the EST paper allows me to get my health back to optimum level and also a chance revise on Chemistry, Physics, Add maths and also Moral. But hell yeah, after next week, Biology will be the last paper. Can't imagine how happy I would be. And on the 5th I'll be off to Pangkor! But before that, I need 2 learn how to swim. Anybody with a helping hand?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rawang Boy

Check this out!

p/s : credits to Vinnie.

Group Study

10th November had a group study (gs) in the school's Youth Centre. I, Yew Son, Shim, Sze To, Yap and Kar Hoe was there from 10 am til err... 5pm i guess. Wasn't really a gs as all of us were enjoying ourselves rather than studying. We play ping pong and basically talk the whole day without reading a single stuff. A great achievement huh?

As we were chit chatting, Kar Hoe asks for Sze To's number.

"you dun have Szeto's number meh?" I asked

"dun have la." Kar Hoe reply

"ic. come his number is 016-30****8." I answered as I browsed through Yap's phone book for this prank number.

"ya meh? I don't believe. I call with yr phone." Kar Hoe said

He grabs hold of my phone and enter the number. Dialing....

"What is the number again? 016-30*****8?" asked Kar Hoe

"Oh yes! It's correct." I reply knowing the fact that he get the wrong number.

What comes to my surprise was that wrong number is actually in used and the call was connected. Luckily, nobody picked up the phone.

"ooi really can connect wan?" Kar Hoe said

"ya la if not i bluff you meh? Quickly disconnect it la don't waste my credit" I said

As the situation calms down, Kar Hoe were leaving as he wants to reach home earlier. After about an hour, he message Yap saying he reached home, safely. At that time, a prank play comes up to my mind. We decided to use that mistake that Kar Hoe made to play a fool on him. We use Sze To's real number which Kar Hoe doesn't have to send a sms to him saying :

"oi u ****! ko tinggal mana?! main talipon ka?!" the message says as we pretend to be the owner of that 016-30****8 number.

Kar Hoe did not reply after this message and off his phone. He was so naive that he did not realise that the number he used to sms him ad the number before did not match. They were 4 number involved, my number, Sze To's number, his number and a unknown person's number. I guess that he was freaked out by the tone of that sms. Guess on Monday he will approach us saying that he mess up with a malay gang head.

Muahahahahaha =p

p/s : We are just playing with the nativity of Kar Hoe. We did not mean to offend anyone.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Liverpool 8 - 0 Besiktas


That's something you don't often see, don't you? A 8-0 triumphing against a Champions League side. Seventh-heaven? Well, I call this eight. Liverpool were simply brilliant as I watched the whole match without missing a single moment and GOALS of it.

Yay 8-0

Bennayoun scored a hat-trick, a brace from Crouch and Babel and another from the Captain Marvel Steven Gerrard. Voronin were unlucky not to get on the score sheet as he dished out 4 assist along the way. The opposition goalie hold his head in shame so as the remaining 10 Besiktas' player.

Anyways, I wonder how can I remember the Liverpool players' name so well instead of the "Tokoh Sejarah". Dato' Maharajalela? Dol Said? NO. My brain is so stuck up with such names that every time I try to memorise them I fail miserably.

Search through Google yesterday and found that its actually something called plantar warts which cause several small tiny holes on my feet. It is not painful though but its really very disgusting. Applied some medicine Anson gave before I went to bed. I have to wear a pair of stockings at the time I went to bed 0.o Weird huh?
Anyways, gotta read up something at least so that my brain wouldn't be in hibernating mood. =]

Liverpool VS Besiktas

Yay! Its Half-time now and Liverpool are leading 2-0 with goals from Peter Crouch in the 19Th minute and Yossi Bennayoun in the 20+ minute. Wasn't sure of the time but anyways I am glad to see Liverpool back to their own way. Playing their opponent out on a typical European evening. (p/s some non-football-addict might not understand the statement above) =]

SPM is now err... 5 days ahead? Gosh I gotta work my brain out and dig out anything left in my reserve in order to do well in it. Hopefully 26Th November, 4.30 pm reach faster. ITS THE END OF SPM!

Second half starting soon so... Till here!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Faithful? Think again. Think twice before doing it. Being faithful? fuck no. I'll take it as a lesson. Shall never repeat it. Perhaps this will change the way I see certain things.

Friday, November 2, 2007

5 years of Memories

5 years of memories in MBSSKL. Cherish every moments of it. Here's some photo on Graduation Day and the few last days of my high school life..

" square has 4 ends, triangle has 3 ends, line has 2 ends, life has 1 end. Our friendship is a circle with no end!! "

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Graduation Day

Class of 2007, MBSSKL has certainly liven up my live and wrote a chapter in my life. Forever and ever MBSSKL goes deep into my heart.

Today(31st Oct 07') is our Graduation Day. 5 years of memories no matter good nor bad, we have gone through it. These bitter sweet memories will last forever in my mind until my last breathe.
Flashing back, those days in form 1 & 2, which is the lower secondary are still fresh in my mind. It was like yesterday. Waking up the next morning knowing the fact that I am not going to school anymore needs time for it to sets in. After 5 hard long years, its all ended. Nothing but sweet memories left in my mind.

MBSSKL, this name was virtually unknown to me 5 years ago. Graduating from my primary school and I had a chance to choose the school of my selection. Looking at the long list of schools, such name '' Methodist Boys' School KL '' didn't actually caught my attention. It was my mum who made the decision for me to enter this school and certainly she made a right choice for me. This is the place where I want to be. A school which balances academics and kokurikulum suits me best. Initial selections such as Cochrane, VI, ST John were brushed aside.

Graduation day marks the end of high school life. Leaving school is not something easy to let go of as we can see from some of the sad faces during graduation day. The day start off with the arrival of several VIPs such as Mr. Jonson Chong, my ex-scouter, Pn Rahmah, the ex-school number 2 etc. I was fortunate not to be caught for my long hair. Then on, the ceremony proceeds with speeches from the VIPs, Form 5's and 6's representatives and the certificate presentation session. I receive 2 certs along the way for my Scout's movement and Interact Club involvement.

After that, the forgive and forget session with our beloved teachers. We must shake each and everyone of their hands and final blessings from them. School teres' our next destination for he photograph session. Had photo taken with the form 5's and a combination of form 5 & 6.

5 MorianZ with Cik Norizan, our form teacher and Pn. Siti Normah, our BM teacher.

Then on, school canteen for our meal and we shouted out loud ''yam sing'' to make our presence felt by each and everyone of them. Next, T-Mori Bawah to arrange the tables and chairs for our SPM examination.

Football's next as we waited for more than an hour to play because the under-15's team were having a training session. Played my lungs out and had a kick at my leg. Bruises and cuts are nothing as this might be the last time we could gather to have a kick about. After football, tea time and went to Green Hut. While on the way, saw Emily and gang. She asked for a photo but unfortunately there weren't a camera around. Hopefully will get a chance for a photo with her next time around. ''Chui Sui'' in Green Hut until 5 plus in the evening and then went home. Shim came along as he has no place to go until 6.45 waiting for his baby sister's school off.

Before I get to bed, I will have some time off refreshing what happened for the past 5 years as a MBS-ian no matter what it is.