Monday, October 15, 2007

Lost Touch

It was nearly 4 months ago since I last play competitively or seriously. Since the lost in the competition in early February, I had thought of totally forgetting it but I couldn't. I've been involved in it since the very first day I step into secondary school. And today, after being 'strained' by boredom out of revision, I took the decision to have a go at it in the evening.

Knowing the fact that it is still in Raya mood for many of the usual players, it is a good chance for me to get back the touch. As i reach there, nobody is there as expected.

The first try. *GOSH* air ball. All right never mind as i thought as I give a second try. *narrowly hitting the rim*. As soon as the ball leave my hand, I knew that I have lost something which was with me all the while. The touch.

After a few tries, I am never in doubt that I've let complacency run over me. And if you know me, I've had complaints that I've gained some fat over my tummy. Sigh, being hooked up with studies is no excuse for this. Even a simple under the rim shot was missed.

Getting back home on around 6 pm gave me a chance to reflect on what had happened. Perhaps I should think this way. What happened happens. Get yourself back up to your feet and don't be too hard on yourself. The next time you get back to the court you will do better =]

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