Wednesday, October 17, 2007


AIKS!! boring boring boring!! I was not in the mood to study anything today. Waking up on 12 doesn't even help. I tried but failing miserably. First up AddMaths. I was into it the first few tenth minutes but my brain was so stuck and as a result, I threw away the book and replace it with Chemistry. Again, failing to get my head into it. What happened? Sigh perhaps I was strained by all these 'routinely' routines these few days. Doing nothing other than study, gaming and online is rather boring.

Prior to this, I never felt any stress for studies because I am a care-free person. But now, facing the do-or-die SPM really stressed me up. You might not see it in my face but the heat is burning me HOT now. I can't imagine how happy I would be after SPM. It'll never be long though as National Service comes next. 3 months of training = 3 months of non-income, 3 months of non-football, 3 months of non-hanging out and 3 months of non-gaming. This would also mean I can only get my driving license after the 3 months of training. Doesn't matter though as I don't own a car now =]

Sigh my brain is still so stuck with all these. Anybody with a cure for this?

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