Saturday, October 27, 2007

Morianz' Party

27 Oct '07, a day to remember for all of us Morianz'. It was our class party. Read on if you feel so =]

Reach mamak to met up with Johnny and Shim. Our intention: Skip assembly. About 7.45, Kelvin and Jonathan reach along the catering food. Reach the school hall and then had a kick at the football which resulted it being confiscated. Gosh it cost me a dear 20 buck for it T.T

Played football just before the party started and I miss some of the exciting part of the day. Michael was rap**.(p/s it is not what you think). The cream bought by Seng Jun takes center stage. Jun Min was transformed into Superman in matter of second with the 'S' logo firmly on his chest. Non-Morianz' which felt the terror of Morianz includes Jun Bin, Dennis and Mr. Ramesh(for the expired twistie).

We recorded almost everything and hopefully I will receive it soon and post it up here. Heard that while I was away carrying the pail of water, they tried to rap* Johnny, our monitor but 'failed'. The reason why is he hided in a room and we block the entrance. There were spaces between the door and they could see our poor John's face. The best part was when they ''LET THE BEAST IN'' which is Shim. What happened afterward I had no idea on it. Oh ya, the sparkling juice. All of the AJK of Morianz had a hand each on the opening of the bottle(not sure what it is called).

After the party, had football again and then Green Hut for tea. 5.30 we left Green Hut and heads home. Bath and then nap for roughly 2 hours and then I am here to tell this. Morianz rocks the world and had no regret being in such a warm, fun, united class.

" Because We Are Morianz' !! "

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