Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Staying Awake

The time now is 3.39 am and I am still here writing something. The reason why? Well even I can't figure it out. Perhaps I am used to sleep at this late of time.

Hours earlier had a game or two with "Scholes18" and "FGMorianz" and Scholes reminded something about my blog. (Thanks Scholes =]).

Anyways, these 10 days of Raya holidays as i mentioned in a previous post is really boring. The past 3 days I didn't do anything other than study, gaming or online.

Oh ya my Astro decoder were the main reason behind all the transmission problems which has angered me for the past few days. It is now under service by the technician and the good news is I was informed that the decoder will be fixed by tomorrow! I was so afraid that I will miss the match between England and Russia.

Time now shows 3.49 am and I think I should force myself to bed as I don't want to wake up on 2++ pm again tomorrow!!

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