Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nothing specific today. Just a normal day as I get through it normally. Woke up on 3.45pm as i slept on 5am the morning earlier revising history. I've got to do so in order to finish up the syllabus. Time is against me so making up for the lost time is the only solution.

Merseyside derby is on today. Goodison Park is the venue for this fixture. I'll glue myself to the tv screen starting 7.40pm. Hopefullly Torres starts and Tim Cahill from Everton fail to recover =]

Yesterday went to Times Square to celebrate Shim's birthday. Went Neway and watched 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. The movie was nice and it's a kind of adrenalin pumping show as the plot is so action packed. Saw someone but she seems to 'ignore'me. End of story on that.

While window shopping, I saw a Liverpool Jersey which caught my attention. It's not the first time I see it actually but this time I really fell in love with it =]
Im putting it into my wishlist ! Hopefully I can get it soon.

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