Thursday, October 11, 2007

Your Name

I strongly believe that a person's name is a special identity to a person no matter how common it is being used or how many people shares it.

Recently, i was asked to submit a list of 16 people involved in the duty roster for out Interact Club. Our duty was arranging chairs in the morning assembly for the teachers to sit on every schooling days except Wednesday. So, i carefully write out all those name involved in a piece of paper in CAPITAL LETTER and submit it to our teacher advisor.

Few days later, I receive the certificate from the Interact Club with our names printed on it. What angers me is that my name, Choo Wai Kien, was spelled Choo Wei Kein. I cant deny the fact that many people had mistaken my ' wai ' as ' wei '. It further upset me when my ' kien ' was spelled as ' kein '. That's twice in a row and I was at the angst of tearing it apart. Yes, you can say I am being emo or whatever you like to call but this is just me. I don't like my name given by my parents to be spelled wrongly.

A name is given is not just given for the sake of ' a name '. There's something special in everybody's name so appreciate it.

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