Friday, November 28, 2008

Fraser's Hill for insects

I've gotta admit, I(personally) just LOVE Fraser's Hill! For various reasons, Fraser's Hill is an excelent place to proveide you a 'get-away' feel from the tropical forest of moden buildings. Besides, Fraser's Hill have many(well.. depends on one's opinion) different spesies of wildlife too.

I've not gotten any photo of the trip yet, but i can provide you of what I got there. More photos to come when I receive the photo =)


something... something which I do not know the name

a giant Moth~

Baby beetles~
We don't know the name of this creature, but we somehow named it after Jun Yang, the founder of this bug lolhuh?!?! What's this??

A praying mantis!!


huge..? or tiny?
well.. judge yourself..

Friday, November 21, 2008


Lately I've been all over the places looking for a suitable place and hunting ground for insects. As planned, my class will be going to Fraser's Hill on next week for a you-guess-what purpose. Hunting for insects. But ironically, I found a metallic-green-flying-insect-with-a-really-hard-shell-six-legged-ant at somewhere amusing. My room =='

If anyone can give me it's local name, scientific name, family, order, genus, phylum and kingdom I'll reward him/her something nice =)

Then the next morning ingatkan wanna go to school earlier than planned to preserve it, but thanks to Jun Yang whom I was playing game with him until late 3.30 am 'yesterday'. I was unable to wake up on time.]

Instead, I have to freeze it to death and open up all the legs before its too hard to be done.
mmhm where's the leg??
mr potato's like antenna
Before that, I was in school to join up with my former teammates of the Under-18 team for a basketball session at school, and guess what, we was shoo-ed off from the school like a terrorist.
No long hair for old boys? nonsense
No old boys should be allowed use school facilities without prior notification? nonsense.
And if you don't know, the team of my previous year, meaning the U-18 of 2006 got something even more nasty. They were accused of trespassing the school area and somebody called police. Talk about balasan
he just cant stop eating wherever he is
spot me?
Then bang my lips against Ryan's chin.

Anyway, can anyone tell me where to get cheap groceries and dry ice?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Damn I am bored!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ecology for STPM part 2

excuse me for using capital letters. I am so irritated with the troublesome procedure of this ecology stuff. I've to use all my strength within my forearm to first dig the piston into the ground, then take it back out again. Try it and you'll know how difficult it is.

First we reach the Komanvel Park around 8.15
The overall view of the Komanvel Park

Kit Yee say I look like in the toilet =='
well on the way, we saw this...

I call her Huey Ching lol

Then we kindda like climb ourselves to the peak of the park where we did this..


















Monday, November 17, 2008

Voluntary Tag

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Holiday begins! err.. but wait a second!! It just don't seems right. I don't have the omph going into holiday this time around. 6 weeks might seems to be a long one but think carefully, its gonna be a hectic 6 weeks. I've got the 25 species of insects to collect, the ecology stuff, revise on homeworks and hopefully, getting a part-time job.

6 weeks? think again..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ecology fpr STPM

Biology is so fun, so fun that I am running all over KL, or practically Malaysia to get the required stuff needed for the assignments. the latest, The Lake Garden for ecology. To be more precise, Experiment 20(practical No.33); ecological study of a terrestial or an aquatic area.

We divide among ourselves for a group of 5, or 4 and together work on the stuff. Earlier, we were provided the apparatus needed to carry out this experiment, such as the piston to dig out the soil, a measuring cylinder, a quadrant and some other stuff.

So today I was at The Lake Garden with Khew, Kit Yee and Kar Heng which are my group member, Meng Hua and team, Wan Jing and Team, Weng Sing and team and Kar Thye's.

nothing much about that, just pure digging holes and cam whoring =)

meng hua and team Posers~lol sexy back of mine~!

I was trying to do a Sleeping Buddha .. but failed

I'm bringing sexy butt~~

well.. I was trying to jump but failing miserably
Meng HuaSuper Sam??=)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanks Cikgu! We'll remember you!!!

Mark down the date, Morianz. 13th November 2008 is the last day Encik Azlin Khairi serving in MBS. The class teacher of us Morianz since 19th May.

The whole class got a huge surprise when we hear the news that he'll be leaving for a new school in Terengganu. I seriously have heavy hearts seeing him leaving.

He's a good teacher and in my opinion, a good tutor. personally, he has good a character and we all agree that he's the most handsome teacher in MBS =D. Furthermore I have to give him a big thank you for trusting in me for various activities such as the Family Day, managing the class party, etc.

Anyway, I wish you success in whatever you do in the future and do remember us Morianz, Encik Azlin! Terimakasih Cikgu!!!

En. Azlin and Morianz~~
While Wan Jing and Shirley are busy talking..
Hon Kent and Kar Thye are all fired up to do the last work of En Azlin!and so is Eng Aun
even Sam..
Well.. Meng Hua..
and me!!

before he leaves!!so Sam cant take the surprise and transformed into "SAMantha"