Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OK I shall go on a hiatus starting from now cause' mid year is around the corner!

BUT.. still I shall spend a little time on..
and this blog. occasionally =D

Streamyx cost me RM66 per month so I can't just abandon it, right?

So apparently, I was the coach for MBSSKL under-15 school team. yeah coach. That's what the Chong Hwa players thought la at the very least as I receive a 'bow' from each one of their players.

It all happens when the REAL coach, Mr Yip weren't there when the match was going on so I was
forced asked to give them some guidelines during the match.

we lost =/

Anyway. I think I should be happy with this blog. Thanks to you all fellow readers, it reached RM 50 already!

[click on photo to enlarge]

I should now get my ass moving and start doing at least some revision!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Zhu Jun! Happy Birthday Harshani!

ok lets sing..
Happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthhhdayy to Zhu Jun & Harshani..!
Happy birthday to youu~!

lol lame.

Anyway, today's Tan Zhu Jun's Birthday. 19th and oh yeah, we celebrated it in the class. Well Harshani "Harshmeow's" birthday is actually exactly a week ahead but we celebrated it together too.

Not for the first time, I am the photographer.

The Birthday girl! cute? lolHarshani the birthday girl~! pretty?
Birthday girl and I

obvious enough its the cake
lol yeah. thats mine if you wonder who's hand is that
Domino yummy!

Well I actually have it worst than the two birthday girls grrr!!
Chan Weng cute?
Ms Kuok Huey Wen aka ZongFan, Ms Tan Zhu Jun aka SanFan aka birthday girl and Ms Kung Wan Jing aka DaiFan aka blur
Oh yeah baby~!

for more photo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liverpool Asian Tour

Rafael Benitez's side will face Thailand in Bangkok on July 22 before flying to Singapore to take on the national team on July 26. It will be the first time the Reds have visited Thailand since 2003, while they have not played in Singapore for eight years.

HAIZ.. why not Malaysia instead of Singapore? The tiny nation where KL alone has more people than their entire nation? And those kiasu fellas might kick Liverpool players' leg broken into pieces if Liverpool make a trashing out of them! And Bangkok? I mean, Bangkok which is in the state of emergency? Think again Benitez..

Shiver down your spine

Want to have a moment of shivers down your spine?

Watch it. Trust me, it will.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show Your Talent Final

So today's the final of the Show Your Talent competition. As expected, Sam's team(Trio) is in the final! Along with the rojak group of Yee Ling And Yue Fen(Fantastic 5) with 3 more from other form. As usual, I was there taking photographs again..

Meng Hua busy gossiping~
Speech before performing

Looking good!
Kit Yee~
Shirley Ding and her violin
looking composed huh shirley
Sam looking good!
The crew, supporters, spectators, worker, photographer, participant and personal assistant!
err ShirD and Jyne -__-
Khew and Sam
Yue Fen!
Yee Ling!

Lets Vote for Team Trio and the Fantastic Five!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Confucian Campfire 2009

Wow its been a while since I last attended any campfire of other schools. If i'm not mistaken, it was back in 2007, form 5. As senior, also Confucian. aiya near mar lol.

Shim and I during the campfire

Pui Yit's birthday was on yesterday too. With 30 odds boys around I think you can roughly guess what's next. We stripped him down to underwear then we watered him with all our love. Oh by the way, Pui Yit is my junior.

The group photoPui Yit is the one at the middle standing and grabbing all the attention

Then there's this Vigil camp for the rovers too. I didn't attend that, due to all the unfinished work left behind at home.

So I went home around 1 and watch the Arsenal Chelsea match. Damn it was very thrilling indeed with Arsenal grabbing a short-lived lead then only for Maloudato equalise and Fabianski's error to allow Drogba in.

I'm running out of stuff here. so chiaoz!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I think everyone around KL would be wondering...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Show Your Talent!

Our class had 2 (well 1 and a half la ) groups participated in the recent Show Your Talent competition organized by the Music and Choir Club.

As usual, I was there taking photographs.

So Sam the guitarist team up with Kit Yee the pianist and Shirley the violist(is this the spelling?)
Team Trio if I am not mistaken.

It was only the audition to go into the final though. Anyway, I took some photo and here you go =)

Yue Fen and Yee Ling's group
Shirley's RM 4000++ Violin
In practicing mood~
No worries, Kit Yee!
hmm hmm hmm talks~~
For some strange reason I like these 2 photo. No I am not Gay
A case of randomness

Then I took a video of their performance too. Any POSITIVE comment are welcome

Oh did I mentioned that the Und-15 team will be in the interzone competition? Earlier everyone including me was swearing upon our balls that they will not make it past the semis but things aren't always the way it is. Luck, teamwork, good fortunes or fated, now that they are in it, I shall congratulate them and look forward to be having a representative in this year's inter zone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kuala Selangor Fire Flies

Urh fireflies.
Speaking frankly, it is certainly not what I had expected it would be. It feels like RM 55 was flushed down the drain.

Ok back into it. The journey would take 1 hour, only for the driver to got the wrong direction. Nevertheless, we had some fun in the bus.

Then we were divided into four groups of 20, with 15 of us Morianz together. The first thing we did was a walk into the jungle and the place we would be when night falls to see the fireflies. Took some photo here and there then zoom back to the hall for some kind of astronomy talk.

The watch tower
the swamp where the fireflies are supposed to be
Tung and Yee Ling

take one~! with NKH syoksendiri

Need I say more?

Yik Lim who rarely feature in any other trip

Nice angle!
hmm sun dial

Yee Ling with a wtf look

Dinner's next and thats the only part where I feel worthy of that RM 55 i paid. Had a good meal and I think I ate more than anyone else on the same table. Too bad la my stomach is practically empty.

Sexy back!

I ate 2 plate of rice here


NKH ter-gila

Oh yeah~ nice photo!

We then head back into the camp and walk into the place mentioned earlier to catch a glimpse of the disappearing fireflies of Kuala Selangor. But who would have guess that on the night of full moon, the fireflies tend to 'hide' themselves(that's what the leader says) and we weren't able to see many of it, only a few I would say. There's even more mosquito than fireflies!
NKH don't you have other pose?
Sun flower Sam

I don't know why I came up with this pose

cute Zhu Jun =D
lol sam
Zhu Jun forced to pose

ahem.. advertisment for the latest watch, SunDial


Yee Ling's crossed leg!
well.. those are kensettians


Oh yeah. morianz!

But the full moon did do us good on another programme which is the stargazing stuff. We managed to get a close-up on the moon and we saw saturn for the very first time. What I mean is, we actually can see saturn with our naked eyes but it only seems like a normal glowing star. But with the telescope, we were able to see saturn and the rings too! but the image is still considerably small to be captured by camera.

There's actually some better photo but I haven't get any of it.
Picture courtesy of Meng Hua

Then head home around 11.30 and reaches school around 12.15. Then Daryl gave me a ride home.

Oh apparently, this is my 200th post too!