Friday, August 1, 2008

Yoyo! The Connection is up!

LoLz as the title goes, my connection is up! After 2 months ++ of non-Internet period, being able to online again can only be described by one word, AWESOME!! Wahahahah!!

Hmm.. the previous posts I posted weren't actually an update, as I was just crapping all the while =D

Lets get it rolling by.. Imagining that it only took the thief a mere 5 minutes of his life to steal off the whole building's telephone cable, and it took a hell of 2 months ++ for the DBKL to install it back on. Talk about efficiency. I wonder if there would be some rebate for the bills.

A lot of stuff could happen within these 2 months. I was elected the President of the Basketball Club, Vice-Pres for Photography Club, a soon-to-be Penolong Pemimpin in my scout troop and involving myself in 3(or 2? I'm not sure) performance in the Orientation Party, Merentas Desa, Family Day and not to forget, I cut my hair, real short!

~Merentas Desa Day, the L6M and some from other class~

On the bright side of the hair cut stuff, I could attend Monday's assembly. lol

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