Thursday, August 14, 2008

Call me King =D

From time and time again, I always tell myself that Form 6 wouldn't be as bored as some might say and now I can say that Form 6 is not boring at all!!

Yesterday, 13th Aug 08, the Form 6 Society had a orientation closing ceremony, whereby the seniors are invited to attend and witness the staggering show put-up by the lower sixes. It was well planned I've gotta say, Bravo Meng Hua and team!

A day earlier, we stayed back until almost 6 just to set up the stage! and I made the banner with the help from Khew, Sam, Eng Aun, Jun Yang and Yue Fen. We also called ourselves "The Banner Team"

~Jun Yang, Sam, Khew, Banner~
~The Banner Team~

Class after class came out with their well-planned performance and soon arrives the Morianz. We had 3 performances, which is the ballroom dance, Yee Ling's gymnastic and a fastdance by us. I took part in all.

~The fastdance~

~The Ballroom dance, Kit Yee and Sam as the musician, Yee Ling the Gymnast~
After all the performances, the time for the last part yet the most mouth-watering session begins. It is the Prom King & Queen, or the Freshie King & Queen or the fashion show whatever you call it. There were total of 9 pairs if I am not mistaken. I was pair number 6, with Shirley.

~Shim and Fleming, Shirley and I, Weng Sing and Huey Ching~

~Before the start~

~The Phantom Of The Methodist~

~All in one~

All the contestant was really having a lot of fun from it from the joyous face of them. After it all, we were all asked to enter the hall once again for the announcement of winners. Andrew, the MC read out the winner as pair number 6

After all, it is a very fun ceremony with lots of laughter and excitement. From the adrenalin-pumping drum performance of the Kensettians and the slow-pace romantic performance of the Morianz as well as the hilarious sketch of the Clancys, all the tiredness were long forgotten. Hope next year would be the same and may it even be better!

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