Saturday, August 2, 2008



"Wai Kien, lend me your phone. I think I LOST my phone"
Upon hearing this, I quickly took out my phone and lend it to Kar Heng(Ng Kar Heng, not Choong Kar Heng) her face was as if she's gonna burst into tears. Meng Hua and I could do nothing but try to comfort her. She tried to call home but nobody picked up the phone. The worried face on her doesn't feel good cos' the normal Kar Heng would just laugh-out-of-control on whatever she sees and hear. Then when her mum called back, her face changed 360 degree and started laughing even when she's with herself lol. Bet you know what the call said.

Kan Feng, being quite new to MBS, doesn't know what's the outcome when someone like him lay flat on the floor. He's only begging for 'something' and of course la I won't disappoint him. He've been asking me bout the stuff WE Morianz did when we were in form 5 days, and today, I granted him his wish. Not once but twice. But what I did was nothing compared to the past ones.

So now whenever I see him I would have the evil laugh of "NgehNgehEhehehEhhhe" with me. He wouldn't lie flat on the floor anymore I guess.

Then the dance rehearsal began. We started off with some ballroom dance. Just simple steps la and I am partnering with Kar Heng. She have the disease of laughing out of control as I mentioned so.. how can I now trick her?? the whole rehearsal she only had some moment of peace. lol

Then comes the hip hop dance or.. er actually what dance is that har?? I was just following the fella on what he teach. lol

Left around 12 with Khew to GreenHut to yum cha with the Morianz. Szeto, Wing Luo, Joel, Shim was there. CYBER VIRUS CHEONG YEW SON ffk. He's gonna get ot from me the next time i see him. Sumore he was the one that ajak me to go. You gonna get it kao kao lol

Joel the bug face.

Szeto the Manchurian

Well me obviouslly, with a unsually shy Wing Luo lol

And.. See what we found!

~It reads Melving Wong is a Hamsap Lou in case if you cant read, but obviouslly and definately not the Melvin Wong we know.

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