Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today had the practice again, in the Scout Den. We were left with no choice but to choose that place as there aren't anymore empty classroom available. So.. like the other day, just dance dance dance and dance..

Tung Kin Fai had us bursting into laughter with his 'cute' dance. He danced like chicken little coupled with a bit The Rock flavour in it. lol

His shoulder was stiff like an iron rod and every time I try to teach him he will "errr..err..rrr thisss is myy firrst timme danccingg.." -___-'

Anyway, we managed to get some fun out of it with some funny movements from Kan Feng and partner, Zhu Jun and particularly, Kin Fai.

And any suggestion for me on what to wear during the fashion show..? I'm running out od idea..

PS: when I say shut the fcuk up, I mean it. Don't sit there like a sissy and act like a sarcastic cat with the doggy face.

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