Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera! I rarely read books, or novels, or story books bla bla bla but this book, The Phantom Of The Opera which every form 2 students in Malaysian Sec. School are compulsory to read had made me feel somewhat glad that I had read it.

This story evolves around Erik, the Phantom Of The Opera and Christine Daae, the beautiful opera singer from Paris(please correct if I am wrong!). The story goes such that Erik love Christine but Christine on the other hand was in love with a rich man namely Raoul and Erik being the Phantom which possesses some magic tricks kidnapped Christine and Raoul did everything possible including almost being murdered by one of Erik's magic tricks to save Christine. In the end, Erik gave in to Christine's sincerity and they let them together and Erik since was never ever seen again.

~phantom and christine~
Well that's briefly what's in the book, and I am going to use the Phantom Of The Opera as the theme for the upcoming Orientation Party. But there's lot s of preparation to be done, like the dress, the mask and the way I should portray Erik on the stage.

Left or right?

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fluffycanine said...

Niffy things on ur Blog! Luv the song! Read your profil and realise you're from KL.?
I got families in KL and Singapore; also got families in Malaysia too xD