Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Ho Ching Yuen" 1 day trip

It has gotta be one of the most tired day of recent times. Walking around, or literally shopping with an empty stomach will definitely make you lose weight.

Ok straight to the point. I, Khew, Meng Hua, Kan Feng, Kin Fai, LI Wah, Zhu Jun, Yee Ling, Shirley, Kar Heng and Yue Fen had a 1 day trip to this place called "Ho Ching Yuen" or Hang Tuah. Purpose? getting the required shirts for the ceremony.

Walked into numerous shops and had my eyes blushed with colourful yet fashionable designs of various tees. Ok la let shorten it. We found something they wanted with a relatively cheap price. Next up, the girls'. Walk and walk and walk again until we found the desirable piece of cloth.

Reading this doesn't make you tired right? well before we were off there, we actually had practices on the dance and the patriotic song. If you want to know how grueling is the practice, come to MBS and I'll show you.

Oh I've got the theme for the performance. Its gonna be The Phantom Of The Opera! lol I'll try to upload some photo soon of the trial dress I had lol


Baby said...

does ho cheng yuen have website?

Ruth - The Cotton Candy said...

hi, mind to share where this ho ching yuen located?