Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lightning Bolt

Whats the headline ??

First it was 9.72s, now it is 9.69s. Earlier it was 19.32s, not it is 19.30s!! Could he gone even faster? Well to me he certainly could. At the 100meter, Bolt was obviously seen slowing down at the last 10 meter or so but yet, he rewrites his own world record at 9.69s?! To be more impressive, his 200M record of 19.30s is even more jaw-dropping. divide it with 200 and then times with 100 and you'll get 9.65s for a 100M. Impressive?

Being someone relatively close to this sport itself had me wondering, how could someone like Usain Bolt to emerge out from nowhere just a few months before the Olympic and now setting 2 new world records? Hats off, hail the new spring king!

While all the joy goes to the Jamaican, the US relay team in the 100M had both the men's and women's team disqualified, due to the drop batton. Tyson Gay? he'll return home empty handed. At least Asafa Powell will have something to cheer on with the 4x100M medal quite in the bag. I certainly hope for more to come =)

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