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Little known fact about Lower 6 Mori~

Some little known facts about Lower 6 Mori, the class I've been settling in since mid May.. I actually thought of doing this since few weeks ago, since I have 90% of the classmates photos but Meng Hua did it a step ahead of me! As in the future I will be viewing this over and over again like a diary, please bare with some of which might be over-winded.

Lets start with...

The monitor
Lee Kan Feng,
the noob-est of all in the class,
speaks at the most unsuitable time.
can you believe he's from Confucian?
the assistant monitor,
Tung Kin Fai,
ex-Mbs ex-Morianz.
Cutest Librarian.
Has a cool MAS pilot brother!

~right most with a noob peace sign, Kan Feng~
~in blue, Tung Kin Fai ~

The Class Secretary
Ng Kar Heng .
Laughing's the best medicine.
laugh non-stop 24/7.
swallow a quarter of the word she speaks.

HW on left~
The Class Representative cum Treasurer
Kuok Huey Wen,
Great efficiency in work with a work rate of 100%.
Love Japanese stuff I suppose?
One of the tallest girl in class.

Cleanliness Chairman
Poon Yee Ling
State Gymnast.
Her voice could melt the heart of millions.
Giggles under all situation .
you harldy see her being unhappy.
Loves Pink!

~photo says a million words~
Chairman of Form 6 Society
Ong Meng Hua
His hand is always waving around.
Has the gentlest of touches.
Tallest in the class but he's afraid of height.
He's yellow in lotza things.

~Meng Hua~

Secretary of Form 6 Society
Tan Zhu Jun
Good things comes in small packages.
Wears size 1 shoe.
her height?? 1x9cm.
Partner-in-crime of Huey Wen.

~Zhu Jun~

The Prom Queen
Shirley Ding Suet Lee.
Pretty? sure she is.
Noisy? definitely.
Again, all good things comes in small packages.
and she's cute!

Prom Queen Finalist
Khoo Huey Ching
Noisiest girl in the class.
can be unreasonable.
You'll never get bored with her.
can you believe she broke Dato Onn's high jump record?

~Queens; Shirley and Huey Ching~

Kung Wan Jing
10A's student.
Choose MBS over SAB.
Nice person.
cousin of Yik Lim.

~sorry but I can't find other pic of you, Wan Jing~

The Class Singer 1
Lim Hui Xian.
Has a nice but soft voice.
speaks weird cantonese.
Don't mess with her, she knows Taichi!
Kuok Hui Wei
the name sounds familiar? 1 of the 4 'hui' in class.
She's a chindian o.O
She practices sarcasm.
cousin of Huey Wen.
Ng Eng Aun
large is good.
A walking dictionary.
He loves to write upside-down or right side-up.
~Hui Xian, Hui Wei and Eng Aun~

Lim Jun Yang
CPGA 3.33
Good sense of humour.
He won the football medal without stepping on the grass.
1st in class.
a future doctor!

~Dr. Lim~

The class holiday activity planner
Liew Kar Thye
Sarcastic at times.
He can play basketball but didn't admit .
A hardworking guy that works in silence.


Toh Yue Fen
she have a very highpitch voice
Play piano very well
~Yue Fen~
Wee Yong Sions
a near extinction spesies.
You can't expect what he is thinking.

Lee Hon Kent
A clever person.
Follows instrcution well.

~Sions on left, Hon Kent center~

Khew Wei Hoong
Very slumber.
slow pace-d.
Might surprise you when he do speak.
can play football very well.
A fans of Liverpool!


Chan Weng
He's the hero from the past.
He loves history and politics.
expect to see him in election one day.
surprises everyone with his speech.
and he loves the Joker.

Class Singer 2
Teh Jun Bin.
ex-MBS .
Hypocritical at everthing.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Eat whenever possible in class .

Class Singer 3
Wong Weng Sing .
Sings with great passion.
He don't look like he can sing, don't he?
an excelent Bio student!

~Jun Bin and Weng Sing promoting our ESP t-shirt~

gets very shy when we say *Ahem*
Thinking what I am thinking?
Doesn't talk much.
partner in crime of Yee Ling.

Samuel Das
ex-MBS ex-Morianz
The chinese speaking Indian.
A musician of 4 instruments.
Do he look like 1 anyway?
Sarcastic at all time .

Hew Yik Lim
ex-MBS ex-Morianz
he talks football but doesn't play.
cousin of Wan Jing.

~Yik Lim and Sam~

Tang Li Wah
a very nice girl.
very helpful.
ex-captain of Confucian.
She drives to school.
don't mess with her.

Gan Xiau Jing
second in class.
very very very quiet.
but very very clever .

~Li Wah on left Xiau Jing on right~

Lee Kah Hui
ex-MBS ex-Morianz.
1 of the numerous presidents of Morianz.
Very good in Maths.
once fame for his crooked peace sign.

~Lee Kah Hui~

Woo Chien Ling
Transfered here after the holiday.
Pretty after making up.
works hard in silence.
President of Kelab Perkebunan.

~Left ; Chien Ling ~

Virtuosso of Piano
Thong Kit Yee.
She has a large eyes but says that it is small.
long and brown hair.
Going for Diploma in Piano!

~Kit Yee~
Choo Wai Kien
No description available, find it out yourself.
-The End-

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