Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little Genting

Prior to this I never knew that there's actually a place in KL where you can have a good hill-top-view. A place where you can look all over KL, the city of mud.

~cool scenery, but I need a better cam~

Yesterday, together with my friends went to the Little Genting, as what my friend said the name. We were told we will be having dinner at Gasoline at the Little Genting. For a moment we felt we was fooled, as we thought there won't be a Gasoline up there in that hill where we have never heard of. Upon reaching there, the feel of 'O.o' beaming on our head, as Gasoline do and really exist there.

~chicken chop~

And I saw the new Liverpool jersey for season 2008/2009 at , and it again draw my intend of having it. But it cost a damn RM 200 ++ and only available at UK. Hopefully it will arrive here in Malaysia soon!

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