Sunday, April 20, 2008


Woosh! It's Campfire! The 10th KL Air Scout making it's campfire comeback after a 2 years absent.

Reaches school as early as 9 am, leave my bags there then rushes to Times Square to meet up with Villa, Yuen En and her friend. Walk walk and talk talk then rushes back to school on around 3 pm. Help around by settling down the boys' scout and organising them, then rush again to get bathed, and ushering the incoming crowd. I was in charged of the Cochrane Scout.

~part of the crowd, before the rain~

Bad luck as rain began to fall before we could get stuff up and rolling. Plan B; to the Hall. Stuff settled down rather slowly and all we could do is try to calm down the gesturing crowd. The campfire ends on around 11 ++, with the last part of refreshment to the brother scouts and sister guides.

Went McD for 'dinner' with friends. There were 9 of us initially, up until McD, then on the 6 of us get to the snooker centre, paired up with Wing Luo against Yap and Andrew. CC's next, played DotA, Counter Strike and FIFA 08.

~CC time!~
Laugh the hell out of us in all of the games. Things haven't ended as we reaches school, played 3 on 3 football on the tarmac area until 5 am ++

~Midnight Football!~

Bath in cold water, get back to scout den, play poker, chatted about a lot of stuff until sunrise. LOL

~note at the time of the photo if you will~

Breakfast time. Get to Petaling Street, dim sum and then get back up to school, football again only then Hsien Loong gave me a ride home.

As I reaches home I could feel the tiredness I had, quickly bath and get to bed, on 10 am!! It's not the first time thou, as the usual few of us always do what we did like I mentioned earlier each time there's a something which require us to stay overnight at school. I was only awaken on around 7 pm. LOL-ness

All those might be the last before the school starts, as I'll start working on tomorrow until class starts on around mid May or maybe later. Hope everything will go smoothly on tomorrow.

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