Sunday, April 6, 2008


Opps! I know I know, It's been a long time since I last blog-ed. I was LAZZZZYY all the while. Anyways, since the last time I blog, not many things happened, I guess? Alright let's have a look... I've been to Genting Highland, my cousin's wedding, Sunway Pyramid and had lunch at the 'Italianies', had a part time job interview with G2, been to 'ching ming' and... guess that's it! Nothing much, right?
27th-29th March, Genting Highland. The 'Crazy311 of Penor' were there to shake some ass. Reason why I say so?? hmm.. Play1, Villa's act in the bowling lane, the first I ever seen. 2nd, both the nights in the First World Hotel could hear the noise we made out. Play3, we were against all rules in the theme park. While I'm making it sounds like something to be proud of instead of shameful-teenagers, I personally enjoyed the trip very much.
Lunch at Italianies were the first time, in a 'classy' restaurant. Can't deny, they provide first class service and their food were nice, except for being a little bit, expensive. Well that is common when it comes to such restaurant.

A piece of cake?

After that rushes to the Puduraya bus stop to catch the bus to JB on 3pm for Joanne, but failed and she have to board the bus on 4pm instead. I can't deny the shopping power of a teenage girl. What she see is what she buy O.o and ended up in missing the bus. weii don't repeat this again la~

Desperately in need of a job currently, preferably part-time. I am b-r-o-k-e. Anyone with a offer..? A good one? Anyone?

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