Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hmm its kind of boring staying in the office. Where I basically know no-one and have no one to talk to. Currently I'm in the office here and even have time to spare to blog. You can now imagine how bored I am, but it doesn't matter as I am paid, for sitting here and doing stuff only once in a bluemoon.

I am actually hired to work for Grey Two, on the project for Fontera's Fernleaf as a data entry. Along with me is another19 years old girl and another 20 odd girl. Fernleaf as you know, produces product such as GUMP, or Growing Up Milk Powder, for age 1+ and 3+. (why am I telling all this..? Yeah I know.. I am bored :P)

Working from 9.30 - 5.30 is actually quite carefree. As what I observed for the past few days of my works, thou the time says 9.30, people usually come a bit later than that. And my boss is a nice and funny woman. Instead of the formal shirts I thought I have to wear from day to day, we are actually free to wear anything decent, as long as you can deliver your job. Well that's what I was told la.. hahah xD

One bad thing about my personal PC in the office is that it operates under Windows 98 and thus, Windows Live Messenger and some other application cannot be installed and run, making me soooo bored. Even a simple pendrive needs installation for it to work = =''

Damn I need something to do.. If not I'll be fossil-fied by the boredom...

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