Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Running Nose!!

*Sneeze Sneeze* well that's basically how I 'sound' like yesterday and early morning today. Had a bad, bad flu. Had slight fever too. Making lots of 'wantan' and it stuffed the dustbin out. Wanted to take the medicine earlier but I just cant afford to do so cause I would've miss the Liverpool-Arsenal match! In the end, suffered the whole day and making lots lots of wantan.

Anyway, Liverpool won the match by 4 goals to 2. Though some might say the penalty won by Babel was dubious, but I don't care, as Liverpool are through to the semifinal! Next up, Chelsea. And guess what, Liverpool is Chelsea's bogey team in the UEFA Champions League. =D

The day passed rather slowly to me today. Woke up on around 2+ as a result of sleeping around 5 a.m. then also had the medicine which makes a person rather tired. Then had my breakfast as usual and started helping my mum for some housework. ... ... as it goes, thought of going to the Taman Tasik Permaisuri for a jog but I was afraid I wasn't fully recover from that damn flu. *ouch* stayed home and be fossil =s

Again I'm pledging, please gimme a job! Gosh I need some $$ for me to buy a new speaker, as the old 1 was spoiled after bringing it to Genting. The world is boring without music.

Oh ya, I was told by Wing Luo few days earlier that together we will take full charge of the boys' scout troop, aka the scouter of the boys' scout. Seriously, I would love to do it, but I'll need to juggle studies, family, friends, money, time and scouting at the same time.

Run out of stuff currently, till then, see ya!

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