Friday, April 18, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

"he who knows speak nothing, he who don't know speak a lot of thing"

Well that's more or less 50:50 what Jacky Chan's one of his many dialogue of in the movie the Forbidden Kingdom. Watched it in Mid Valley with friends today. The movie was so action packed with all the kungfu kicking of Jacky Chan and punching of Jet Li. a 8/10 for it =)

Had lunch at McD before the movie starts and Yew Son did something rather hilarious. He spill the chili source on his jeans after some pushing and drawling with the grilled chicken fold over. The grilled chicken foldover won the battle, with Yew Son having his pants sourc-ed.

~dang! couldn't get a shot of his sourc-ed jeans~

Then on, the pet shop. The freakish smell of the smell was forgotten as we saw all those cute little pupies and.. Iguana =='

~it's actually written "no camera".. but who cares?~

Walked all over the places before we found the right place. Kim Gary. Had a bowl of.. erm not exactly ice kacang, or mash mellow i should call it.. Not really sure but who cares as long as it taste good?!

Again saw some brainless and manner-less TB. They performed something rather stupid, by pointing their middle finger and waving like a mad cow in the car to the public while everyone else was patiently queing up. Just.. where in the world has their brain gone?

Anyways, Campfire will be on tomorrow, hopefully a great and succesful one!

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