Thursday, April 10, 2008

L Change The World

The title says it, L Change The World. Watched it earlier in the day at TS with friends. Hmm what I gotta say..? It's kind of nice to me, I'll give a 9/10 for it, only for its being in Japanese!! Have to read through the subtitles which make my eyes.. tired!!

L Change The World has nothing to do with the previous 2 episode of Death Note, which came to my comfort as I did not watch the second episode of Death Note. Also, the way L type in the movie is funny. Retard-ed type of typing? Funny.

While window shopping today and I realise something again, why cant guys find cheap + nice shirts?? o.O something which makes me wonder all the while, girls just seems to have lots of choices and it comes with a REASONABLE price.

Anyways, will be spending tomorrow night in school in preparation for my scout troop's campfire which will happen on the 19th April 2008. Anybody interested..? Ring me!!

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