Monday, April 14, 2008

PC Fair

Duh~ Its PC Fair, place where LOTS of people rushing in and out, and as a result of it, headache as I reaches home. KLCC was soooo packed with people, let alone be in the exhibition hall. Ocean of people all over the 5..? or maybe more exhibition halls. Just trying to get my way out of KLCC is a heavy task. Moreover, it is the last day of the 3 days fair. People, just like me was trying to get knocked-down price item, but failing miserably.

~lelong lelong~ RM10~!

Created a Facebook account recently, and making some fun out of it. Poker, Blackjack and some other application for me to fill up the time I have.

In the EPL match between Liverpool and Blackburn, Liverpool triumph Blackburn by 3 goals to 1. Torres scoring his 30th goal of the season on the way, and Gerrard his 20th. Voronin get his long awaited goal in front of the Kop as well. A great win to round off a good performance.

Back to the PC Fair, I am getting the news that the workers there are getting as much as RM150 per day?! Holy shit as I thought, as I misses out on a chance to get such highly-paid job. RM150 per day for 3 days, it is equivalent as the allowance I got from the National Service. Sigh what a missed-chance!

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