Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Talking about manners, does that actually exist in the world today? Saying so because I was so annoyed by the 'manners' put up by the monorail user i met today. 1 word for them, 'rude'. Yeah yeah i know, everybody are trying to get their way into the packed train, but can't you just be a little bit more respectful of others and not to force your way into the train like a bulldozer? Not using your elbow and your starring eyes when YOU are the one that crashes onto me. I respect you because you're a lady.

Enough on that. That's something we have to get used to I guess.

Tried my scout uniform earlier to see whether it fits me or not as I'll be wearing it this Saturday. Fit it does, amazingly. I've been wearing the same uniform since I was in Form 1 I guess..? 0.O God knows.

~Might be the last time I'm using it this Sat~

Planned to watch Ah Long but failed, due to the un-watchable show time. Conclusion for the day, another boring day....

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