Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Midway through the SPM examination

With the Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Sejarah and Modern Mathematics paper done, I am a quarter way through the SPM examination. The next paper is EST which is on Friday.

Taking good care of your health is a must before you sit for any exams, no matter how seriously you take it, it is a must. Saying this is because I fell sick on the first paper itself. The BM paper which require a lot of thinking and writing. Suffering from fever, running nose and headache all at once really kills me off. Luckily I was able to pull myself together and complete these papers before passing out. Apart from that, I was constantly bugged by the mosquito and the construction noise.

A breather is all I need now. A 5 days break ignoring that on Friday will be the EST paper allows me to get my health back to optimum level and also a chance revise on Chemistry, Physics, Add maths and also Moral. But hell yeah, after next week, Biology will be the last paper. Can't imagine how happy I would be. And on the 5th I'll be off to Pangkor! But before that, I need 2 learn how to swim. Anybody with a helping hand?

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