Saturday, November 10, 2007

Group Study

10th November had a group study (gs) in the school's Youth Centre. I, Yew Son, Shim, Sze To, Yap and Kar Hoe was there from 10 am til err... 5pm i guess. Wasn't really a gs as all of us were enjoying ourselves rather than studying. We play ping pong and basically talk the whole day without reading a single stuff. A great achievement huh?

As we were chit chatting, Kar Hoe asks for Sze To's number.

"you dun have Szeto's number meh?" I asked

"dun have la." Kar Hoe reply

"ic. come his number is 016-30****8." I answered as I browsed through Yap's phone book for this prank number.

"ya meh? I don't believe. I call with yr phone." Kar Hoe said

He grabs hold of my phone and enter the number. Dialing....

"What is the number again? 016-30*****8?" asked Kar Hoe

"Oh yes! It's correct." I reply knowing the fact that he get the wrong number.

What comes to my surprise was that wrong number is actually in used and the call was connected. Luckily, nobody picked up the phone.

"ooi really can connect wan?" Kar Hoe said

"ya la if not i bluff you meh? Quickly disconnect it la don't waste my credit" I said

As the situation calms down, Kar Hoe were leaving as he wants to reach home earlier. After about an hour, he message Yap saying he reached home, safely. At that time, a prank play comes up to my mind. We decided to use that mistake that Kar Hoe made to play a fool on him. We use Sze To's real number which Kar Hoe doesn't have to send a sms to him saying :

"oi u ****! ko tinggal mana?! main talipon ka?!" the message says as we pretend to be the owner of that 016-30****8 number.

Kar Hoe did not reply after this message and off his phone. He was so naive that he did not realise that the number he used to sms him ad the number before did not match. They were 4 number involved, my number, Sze To's number, his number and a unknown person's number. I guess that he was freaked out by the tone of that sms. Guess on Monday he will approach us saying that he mess up with a malay gang head.

Muahahahahaha =p

p/s : We are just playing with the nativity of Kar Hoe. We did not mean to offend anyone.

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