Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Liverpool 8 - 0 Besiktas


That's something you don't often see, don't you? A 8-0 triumphing against a Champions League side. Seventh-heaven? Well, I call this eight. Liverpool were simply brilliant as I watched the whole match without missing a single moment and GOALS of it.

Yay 8-0

Bennayoun scored a hat-trick, a brace from Crouch and Babel and another from the Captain Marvel Steven Gerrard. Voronin were unlucky not to get on the score sheet as he dished out 4 assist along the way. The opposition goalie hold his head in shame so as the remaining 10 Besiktas' player.

Anyways, I wonder how can I remember the Liverpool players' name so well instead of the "Tokoh Sejarah". Dato' Maharajalela? Dol Said? NO. My brain is so stuck up with such names that every time I try to memorise them I fail miserably.

Search through Google yesterday and found that its actually something called plantar warts which cause several small tiny holes on my feet. It is not painful though but its really very disgusting. Applied some medicine Anson gave before I went to bed. I have to wear a pair of stockings at the time I went to bed 0.o Weird huh?
Anyways, gotta read up something at least so that my brain wouldn't be in hibernating mood. =]

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