Thursday, November 1, 2007

Graduation Day

Class of 2007, MBSSKL has certainly liven up my live and wrote a chapter in my life. Forever and ever MBSSKL goes deep into my heart.

Today(31st Oct 07') is our Graduation Day. 5 years of memories no matter good nor bad, we have gone through it. These bitter sweet memories will last forever in my mind until my last breathe.
Flashing back, those days in form 1 & 2, which is the lower secondary are still fresh in my mind. It was like yesterday. Waking up the next morning knowing the fact that I am not going to school anymore needs time for it to sets in. After 5 hard long years, its all ended. Nothing but sweet memories left in my mind.

MBSSKL, this name was virtually unknown to me 5 years ago. Graduating from my primary school and I had a chance to choose the school of my selection. Looking at the long list of schools, such name '' Methodist Boys' School KL '' didn't actually caught my attention. It was my mum who made the decision for me to enter this school and certainly she made a right choice for me. This is the place where I want to be. A school which balances academics and kokurikulum suits me best. Initial selections such as Cochrane, VI, ST John were brushed aside.

Graduation day marks the end of high school life. Leaving school is not something easy to let go of as we can see from some of the sad faces during graduation day. The day start off with the arrival of several VIPs such as Mr. Jonson Chong, my ex-scouter, Pn Rahmah, the ex-school number 2 etc. I was fortunate not to be caught for my long hair. Then on, the ceremony proceeds with speeches from the VIPs, Form 5's and 6's representatives and the certificate presentation session. I receive 2 certs along the way for my Scout's movement and Interact Club involvement.

After that, the forgive and forget session with our beloved teachers. We must shake each and everyone of their hands and final blessings from them. School teres' our next destination for he photograph session. Had photo taken with the form 5's and a combination of form 5 & 6.

5 MorianZ with Cik Norizan, our form teacher and Pn. Siti Normah, our BM teacher.

Then on, school canteen for our meal and we shouted out loud ''yam sing'' to make our presence felt by each and everyone of them. Next, T-Mori Bawah to arrange the tables and chairs for our SPM examination.

Football's next as we waited for more than an hour to play because the under-15's team were having a training session. Played my lungs out and had a kick at my leg. Bruises and cuts are nothing as this might be the last time we could gather to have a kick about. After football, tea time and went to Green Hut. While on the way, saw Emily and gang. She asked for a photo but unfortunately there weren't a camera around. Hopefully will get a chance for a photo with her next time around. ''Chui Sui'' in Green Hut until 5 plus in the evening and then went home. Shim came along as he has no place to go until 6.45 waiting for his baby sister's school off.

Before I get to bed, I will have some time off refreshing what happened for the past 5 years as a MBS-ian no matter what it is.

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