Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It is over finally. ITS OVER! What a relieve when the invigilator said

"baik masa tamat, sila letak pensel dan ikat semua helaian jawapan bersama"

I love this phrase. But what comes to my surprise is I wasn't celebrating or over-joy with it. It seems to be just another day of randomness feeling. Weird huh? Even I can't answer it myself.

After getting back home, I decided to spend some time on basketball where I'll just shoot a few basket and done with it. Then, here comes a group of "punk heads" and asking for a shot at the basket. Of course, this is not my first time experiencing such scene. I stood up bravely and lied to them saying that the ball isn't mine and I threw it to my friend nearby. Then the group of about 7-8 crowded me and it is getting intense over there. I hold my fist ready for a melee if it were to happen. Their intention were simple; they wanted to tell me that they are the boss of the area and I should listen to their orders? Hell NO.

After some talking and more bad words involved in the talk, they backed off. A sigh of relief as I was worried that I would be involved in a fight with them. Fighting with them alone is not a big deal, but messing up with the whole gang isn't something to be fooled at. At any instant I might be beaten up while on my way home or getting to the neighbourhood anytime in the future. A risk I dare not to take. After that, I didn't claim back the ball from my friend as I wanted him to keep it at the moment. P/S : I ain't no gangsta, But I'll be one when it need to be.

Back to the SPM thingy, well most of the science stream student are done for good. Except for some taking additional subjects such as Chinese Language, Accounts or Arts. Wishing them luck here and.. geez, I m hungry, Ciaoz!

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