Friday, November 30, 2007


Ahem. It is 29th Nov. Months after the premier of Secret, by Jay Chou. And only now, yes only now I get to watch it. Yeh yeh I know its kind of 'outdated' but I've got no choice since

  1. I was busy all the while when the movie was on screen
  2. I couldn't get the seed to download the torrent seed
  3. I don't buy VCD or DVD
  4. I was lazy =p

I personally like the movie very much and I think I'll repeat it for another few more times. Its touching. Its romantic. Its basically NICE! The main actress in the movie was so cute! I rate it 10/10 ! And without realizing that actually the song I Cai Hong is one of the soundtrack in the movie, when Jay kisses Rain. Would love to see this movie win some award on the Golden Horse Award.

Going into something I did these few days, I cleaned my SPM mess, I play futsal and 9-balls pool for the first time. am happy cause I was on a streak for a while and made quite a number of high-difficulty shots. Oh ya another movie i watched, 30 Days of Night. I didn't really understand the movie as the quality of the download wasn't entirelly nice and the storyline - questionable.

3.40 now! time for bed! Ciaoz!

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