Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OK I shall go on a hiatus starting from now cause' mid year is around the corner!

BUT.. still I shall spend a little time on..
and this blog. occasionally =D

Streamyx cost me RM66 per month so I can't just abandon it, right?

So apparently, I was the coach for MBSSKL under-15 school team. yeah coach. That's what the Chong Hwa players thought la at the very least as I receive a 'bow' from each one of their players.

It all happens when the REAL coach, Mr Yip weren't there when the match was going on so I was
forced asked to give them some guidelines during the match.

we lost =/

Anyway. I think I should be happy with this blog. Thanks to you all fellow readers, it reached RM 50 already!

[click on photo to enlarge]

I should now get my ass moving and start doing at least some revision!

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