Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Show Your Talent!

Our class had 2 (well 1 and a half la ) groups participated in the recent Show Your Talent competition organized by the Music and Choir Club.

As usual, I was there taking photographs.

So Sam the guitarist team up with Kit Yee the pianist and Shirley the violist(is this the spelling?)
Team Trio if I am not mistaken.

It was only the audition to go into the final though. Anyway, I took some photo and here you go =)

Yue Fen and Yee Ling's group
Shirley's RM 4000++ Violin
In practicing mood~
No worries, Kit Yee!
hmm hmm hmm talks~~
For some strange reason I like these 2 photo. No I am not Gay
A case of randomness

Then I took a video of their performance too. Any POSITIVE comment are welcome

Oh did I mentioned that the Und-15 team will be in the interzone competition? Earlier everyone including me was swearing upon our balls that they will not make it past the semis but things aren't always the way it is. Luck, teamwork, good fortunes or fated, now that they are in it, I shall congratulate them and look forward to be having a representative in this year's inter zone!

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