Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kuala Selangor Fire Flies

Urh fireflies.
Speaking frankly, it is certainly not what I had expected it would be. It feels like RM 55 was flushed down the drain.

Ok back into it. The journey would take 1 hour, only for the driver to got the wrong direction. Nevertheless, we had some fun in the bus.

Then we were divided into four groups of 20, with 15 of us Morianz together. The first thing we did was a walk into the jungle and the place we would be when night falls to see the fireflies. Took some photo here and there then zoom back to the hall for some kind of astronomy talk.

The watch tower
the swamp where the fireflies are supposed to be
Tung and Yee Ling

take one~! with NKH syoksendiri

Need I say more?

Yik Lim who rarely feature in any other trip

Nice angle!
hmm sun dial

Yee Ling with a wtf look

Dinner's next and thats the only part where I feel worthy of that RM 55 i paid. Had a good meal and I think I ate more than anyone else on the same table. Too bad la my stomach is practically empty.

Sexy back!

I ate 2 plate of rice here


NKH ter-gila

Oh yeah~ nice photo!

We then head back into the camp and walk into the place mentioned earlier to catch a glimpse of the disappearing fireflies of Kuala Selangor. But who would have guess that on the night of full moon, the fireflies tend to 'hide' themselves(that's what the leader says) and we weren't able to see many of it, only a few I would say. There's even more mosquito than fireflies!
NKH don't you have other pose?
Sun flower Sam

I don't know why I came up with this pose

cute Zhu Jun =D
lol sam
Zhu Jun forced to pose

ahem.. advertisment for the latest watch, SunDial


Yee Ling's crossed leg!
well.. those are kensettians


Oh yeah. morianz!

But the full moon did do us good on another programme which is the stargazing stuff. We managed to get a close-up on the moon and we saw saturn for the very first time. What I mean is, we actually can see saturn with our naked eyes but it only seems like a normal glowing star. But with the telescope, we were able to see saturn and the rings too! but the image is still considerably small to be captured by camera.

There's actually some better photo but I haven't get any of it.
Picture courtesy of Meng Hua

Then head home around 11.30 and reaches school around 12.15. Then Daryl gave me a ride home.

Oh apparently, this is my 200th post too!

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