Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show Your Talent Final

So today's the final of the Show Your Talent competition. As expected, Sam's team(Trio) is in the final! Along with the rojak group of Yee Ling And Yue Fen(Fantastic 5) with 3 more from other form. As usual, I was there taking photographs again..

Meng Hua busy gossiping~
Speech before performing

Looking good!
Kit Yee~
Shirley Ding and her violin
looking composed huh shirley
Sam looking good!
The crew, supporters, spectators, worker, photographer, participant and personal assistant!
err ShirD and Jyne -__-
Khew and Sam
Yue Fen!
Yee Ling!

Lets Vote for Team Trio and the Fantastic Five!

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