Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanks Cikgu! We'll remember you!!!

Mark down the date, Morianz. 13th November 2008 is the last day Encik Azlin Khairi serving in MBS. The class teacher of us Morianz since 19th May.

The whole class got a huge surprise when we hear the news that he'll be leaving for a new school in Terengganu. I seriously have heavy hearts seeing him leaving.

He's a good teacher and in my opinion, a good tutor. personally, he has good a character and we all agree that he's the most handsome teacher in MBS =D. Furthermore I have to give him a big thank you for trusting in me for various activities such as the Family Day, managing the class party, etc.

Anyway, I wish you success in whatever you do in the future and do remember us Morianz, Encik Azlin! Terimakasih Cikgu!!!

En. Azlin and Morianz~~
While Wan Jing and Shirley are busy talking..
Hon Kent and Kar Thye are all fired up to do the last work of En Azlin!and so is Eng Aun
even Sam..
Well.. Meng Hua..
and me!!

before he leaves!!so Sam cant take the surprise and transformed into "SAMantha"

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