Friday, November 21, 2008


Lately I've been all over the places looking for a suitable place and hunting ground for insects. As planned, my class will be going to Fraser's Hill on next week for a you-guess-what purpose. Hunting for insects. But ironically, I found a metallic-green-flying-insect-with-a-really-hard-shell-six-legged-ant at somewhere amusing. My room =='

If anyone can give me it's local name, scientific name, family, order, genus, phylum and kingdom I'll reward him/her something nice =)

Then the next morning ingatkan wanna go to school earlier than planned to preserve it, but thanks to Jun Yang whom I was playing game with him until late 3.30 am 'yesterday'. I was unable to wake up on time.]

Instead, I have to freeze it to death and open up all the legs before its too hard to be done.
mmhm where's the leg??
mr potato's like antenna
Before that, I was in school to join up with my former teammates of the Under-18 team for a basketball session at school, and guess what, we was shoo-ed off from the school like a terrorist.
No long hair for old boys? nonsense
No old boys should be allowed use school facilities without prior notification? nonsense.
And if you don't know, the team of my previous year, meaning the U-18 of 2006 got something even more nasty. They were accused of trespassing the school area and somebody called police. Talk about balasan
he just cant stop eating wherever he is
spot me?
Then bang my lips against Ryan's chin.

Anyway, can anyone tell me where to get cheap groceries and dry ice?

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