Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ecology fpr STPM

Biology is so fun, so fun that I am running all over KL, or practically Malaysia to get the required stuff needed for the assignments. the latest, The Lake Garden for ecology. To be more precise, Experiment 20(practical No.33); ecological study of a terrestial or an aquatic area.

We divide among ourselves for a group of 5, or 4 and together work on the stuff. Earlier, we were provided the apparatus needed to carry out this experiment, such as the piston to dig out the soil, a measuring cylinder, a quadrant and some other stuff.

So today I was at The Lake Garden with Khew, Kit Yee and Kar Heng which are my group member, Meng Hua and team, Wan Jing and Team, Weng Sing and team and Kar Thye's.

nothing much about that, just pure digging holes and cam whoring =)

meng hua and team Posers~lol sexy back of mine~!

I was trying to do a Sleeping Buddha .. but failed

I'm bringing sexy butt~~

well.. I was trying to jump but failing miserably
Meng HuaSuper Sam??=)

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